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Family Matters: Relatives at War

The Herrick Family

Father and daughter Curtis J. Herrick and Mary Herrick Krawczyk both grew up in military families, so perhaps the similarities between their early lives and careers are not surprising. Both were born at military installations (Fort Benjamin Harrison and Fort Benning, respectively) and spent their childhoods moving from base to base, and both entered the service through ROTC (Reserve Officers Training Corps) programs. Finally, both looked to the sky to guide their career trajectories: Curtis pursued his fascination with helicopters during his 30-year career in the Army, while Mary followed her passion for aerospace programs by becoming an aerospace engineer with the Air Force. In an interesting twist on the standard Veterans History Project oral history model, in July 2019, they interviewed each other about their military experiences.

Image of Curtis J. Herrick, Jr.

"If you lean into things, you can make them happen for you." (Video interview, 4:20)

Curtis J. Herrick, Jr.'s story

Image of Mary Herrick Krawczyk

"I was lucky to build off of a strong family history." (Video interview, 40:08)

Mary Herrick Krawczyk's story