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Family Matters: Relatives at War

The Markle Family

In December 1966, Jeanne and Brian Markle had been married for just a few months. Jeanne was an Army nurse, who had always longed to see the world. Brian was an Army officer in charge of medical logistics, who had received orders for Vietnam shortly before they wed. Initially, Jeanne resisted the idea of volunteering for service overseas, but acquiesced in order to shorten the length of her separation from her new husband. Departing together for service in Vietnam, they faced challenges unknown to most newlyweds. At the time of their arrival, they were one of only a few married couples to be serving together in-country. Stationed about a mile apart, they spent their deployments in radically different ways. Jeanne cared for patients at the 24th Evacuation Hospital, while Brian served with the 58th Medical Battalion, tracking everything from medical supplies to ambulances.

Image of Jeanne A. Urbin Markle

"Every night you prayed." (Audio interview, 23:49)

Jeanne A. Urbin Markle's story

Image of Brian Cody Markle

"When we arrived, Tan Son Nhut was under fire..." (Audio interview, 4:52)

Brian Cody Markle's story