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Fashion Industry: A Resource Guide

Resources for those studying the business aspects of the fashion and apparel industry.


Burdine's Department Store, Miami Beach, 1953. Gottscho-Schleisner Collection, Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

This guide represents a selection of the many resources in the Library of Congress that may be useful for the study of the business aspects of fashion (or FTAR for fiber, textile, apparel, and retail). It includes all aspects of fashion - clothes, shoes, bags, accessories. It also includes suggested subject headings which interested researchers may select to link directly to our online catalog in order to search for additional materials on this topic.

Also, since keeping up with the fast pace of change is an ongoing process in the "here today, gone tomorrow" fashion industry, we have have included a number of related external resources. Using traditional trade literature and web portals, as well as reports from research groups is essential as a way to find the more general articles and reports but it may be even more important to find reports and articles that look at a particular segment, niche market, situation, or trend so we have included a few links to various web sites that may also be of interest.

About the Business Section

Part of the Science & Business Reading Room at the Library of Congress, the Business Section is the starting point for conducting research at the Library of Congress in the subject areas of business and economics. Here, reference specialists in specific subject areas of business assist patrons in formulating search strategies and gaining access to the information and materials contained in the Library's rich collections of business and economics materials.