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Fine Prints by Federal Art Project Artists in the Library of Congress

Collection Strengths & Sample Images

Lithograph showing man in coat and hat facing the viewer with his fists balled up, other men smoking and grouped behind him
Raphael Soyer, artist. Pugnacity. 1937. Fine Prints. Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Division.

As was the case with other WPA projects, the output was not limited to elite culture either in execution or subject matter. One emphasis of the content was the strength and dignity of common people.

The collection includes works by:

  • Richard V. Correll
  • Mabel Dwight
  • LeRoy Flint
  • Edgar Imler
  • Mabel Jack
  • Jennie Lewis
  • Charles Pont
  • Mac Raboy
  • Harry Rein
  • Raphael Soyer
  • Angels Straeter
  • Hyman Warsager

You can see a list of artists (listed as "contributors") on the left-hand side of this search result that retrieves records for prints that have been cataloged and prepared for service and where the records include both "wpa" and a call number that includes the filing series designation "FP."

Most of the prints are lithographs, woodcuts or linocuts. Etchings are also represented, and the collection includes two engravings and one stencil.

Sample Images

The images below give a flavor of the sheer variety of styles, media, and printmakers represented in the Federal Art Project prints.