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Federal Budget: Sources of Information

A resource guide for those seeking current and historical federal United States budget materials.


From An Account of the Receipts and Expenditures of the United States for the year 1803. Courtesy of Gulnar Nagashybayeva, Library of Congress Science, Business, and Technology Division.

Much of this guide is related to finding the current and historical budgets and budget information as published, and includes both print and electronic sources when available. The Background and Basics section is good for beginners though it does provide citations for some of the seminal legislation that changed budget practices. However, for more detailed information about historical budgets and for those who need a better understanding the development of practices over history of the United States, the Understanding the Past section includes sources that provide general historical overview, occasional detailed perspectives when available, and other items that might help researchers understand what was done in the past and how practices have changed over time.