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Federal Government Contracting: A Resource Guide

Keeping Current & Making Connections

The resources in this section of the guide are for those who are looking to keep current on what is going on in government contracting more generally as well as looking for contracting opportunities. For those looking for defense related data, information, and analysis, JANES is a long-term publisher of international military information. There is news on systems, companies, procurement, and research, development, test, and evaluation (RDT&E) numbers. There is also data related to international military budgets, and it is a source for understanding foreign military purchases and regulations that govern these transactions.

News Sources

Most news sources can be used to understand what companies have been awarded government contracts, but they can also be used to understand what kinds of contracts may be forthcoming based on what agencies are doing or going to be doing. Most sites have a free and subscription component. Of particular note are the local papers in areas with large military bases or concentration of federal workers.

Making Connections

The links here are more about making peer to peer connections in the government contracting arena.