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Federal Government Contracting: A Resource Guide

Looking for Opportunities

The resources on this page are specifically geared to those looking for contracting opportunities. There are also resources specifically geared to small business and subcontracting because large government contracts can create opportunities for small businesses. Also included are sources for bigger agency specific contracts as well as the GSA Schedules which offer government wide opportunities and can be good for small businesses in particular.

Many of the resources are focused on defense related systems as the Department to Defense is the agency with an outsized presence in contracting. However, not all opportunities directly relate to weapons/defense related systems or involve working directly for the Department of Defense. We have also included resources for Research & Development (R&D) because government R&D is closely tied to contracting opportunities.

General Resources

If you are looking to understand where future opportunities lie, news resources can provide articles and discussion on long-term trends. Also, look to the groups tasked with specifically studying future trends, For example, in the past there was the Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) since replaced by the National Defense Strategy,  In 2021 the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence’s (NSCAI) issued its final report which included chapters titled "Foundations of Future Defense" and "AI and Warfare." The group' had been tasked to make recommendations to the President and Congress to “advance the development of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and associated technologies to comprehensively address the national security and defense needs of the United States.”

These links are Defense Department specific. There are additional Defense related links specifically targeted to Small Business contracting that are included in the small business and Research & Development in those tabs.

The resources included here are specifically geared to small business. They often also look at subcontracting because large government contracts can create opportunities for small businesses to get involved in federal contracting.

The links here are primarily Research & Development and Technology Transfer.  Additional resources may be available through the other tabs.