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Federal Impeachment

Other Federal Officers

The National disgrace. [1876]. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

This section covers impeachment proceedings against federal judges, one cabinet secretary, and one senator. Multiple federal officers have been subjected to impeachment investigations but were not ultimately impeached. Some of these officers were censured by the House and others resigned from their positions in lieu of facing an impeachment inquiry. This list includes only federal officers against whom articles of impeachment were adopted by the House.

References to different stages of impeachment investigations, inquiries, and trials can be found throughout the Congressional Record, House Journal, and Senate Journal. For a full listing of impeachment-related debates and discussions in these resources, researchers may wish to consult the relevant index for the official’s name or the corresponding resolution number. The subheadings (names of impeached federal officers) are organized in chronological order from earliest to most recent impeachment. Each subsection lists the pertinent (1) House Journal or Senate Journal entry, (2) information about congressional debates, (3) congressional reports or hearings, and (4) secondary sources. This section is not necessarily an exhaustive list of every debate or reference to each federal officer’s impeachment proceedings, but should be a useful starting point for researchers.