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Foodways: Resources in the American Folklife Center

Digital Collections

The Library of Congress has been digitizing unique primary source collection materials since the 1990s. The following selection of digital collections focus on foodways as documented in a number of the Center's field survey and occupational folklife collections.

Selected Digital Collections

Special Presentations

Story Maps at the Library of Congress are immersive web presentations that tell the incredible stories of the Library’s collections through narrative, multimedia, and interactive maps. The American Folklife Center publishes Story Maps that provide curated access to our online collections.

The first Story Map below will aid in navigation of selected digital collections presenting the Center's field surveys. The second Story Map, "¡a la huelga todos!: The 1942 Sugar Industry Strike in Puerto Rico," presents a brief history of the 1942 Puerto Rican Sugar Strike. While this Story Map draws largely from collection materials throughout other divisions of the Library, this presentation provides a historical and political context to the various AFC archival collections that document Puerto Rican culture as related to foodways.