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Foreign Newspaper Collections at the Library of Congress

Current Foreign Newspapers

The Division's foreign newspaper collections include print, microfilm, and/or digital formats, varying by title and date. For help determining the availability of specific titles, dates, and formats, contact us through Ask a Librarian.

The list below provides more information about current foreign newspaper collections in print and microfilm available in the Newspaper & Current Periodical Reading Room (NCPRR). The newspapers on this list comprise millions of loose issues and thousands of reels of microfilm.

To request current foreign newspapers in loose print or microfilm format, please submit a request slip in the NCPRR's Circulation Desk; delivery time is typically within 30 minutes.

Please note that some current foreign newspapers can be accessed digitally. Please see "Searching the Library of Congress E-Resources Online Catalog" on the How to Find a Newspaper page for more information.

Current Foreign Newspapers List

The Foreign Newspapers Currently Received at the Library of Congress inventory list was compiled in January 2017 and includes currently published foreign newspapers that the Library of Congress continues to acquire for its collections. The list is loosely defined in this manner in order to accommodate the wide variation in the currency of receipt which can be influenced by many factors including the country of origin and the format of the title. Attempting to acquire a title is not the same as actually receiving it. In general, print titles are considered current if there is a consistent pattern of receipt within the past three years, while microfilm is considered current if there is a consistent pattern of receipt within the past four years. Recently added titles are an exception. Newspapers classified as periodicals by the Library are not included in the list. Criteria for defining a newspaper can be found in the Library’s Foreign Newspaper Collections Policy Statement (PDF).

The list is sorted alphabetically by Country of Publication, Place of Publication (City), and Title of Newspaper. In places where the country name is ambiguous, the name appearing in the MARC Country Code List was chosen. Therefore, Burma appears in the list, as opposed to Myanmar. English spellings were used for city names. Initial articles in titles appear at the end of the title.

The Location indicates where the title may be accessed. Locations are:

A microfilm number is supplied when possible, usually an NM or NP number, for ease in requesting a film. Titles are marked “Microfilm Only” when the library purchases the title on microfilm directly from a commercial vendor bypassing the print paper, or the acquired paper is sent directly to one of the Library’s Overseas Offices for filming and never arrives at the Library in print form. Also, AMEDRR serves only microfilm for newspaper titles so all titles located in AMEDRR are marked “Microfilm Only.”

Data for this list was acquired from the Library of Congress Catalog, the Library’s six Overseas Offices, and the Preservation Division. Additional input was supplied by Recommending Officers, Acquisitions Librarians, Technicians, and the Collection Development Office.

This inventory list was compiled in January 2017 and can be considered a good starting point for finding out what is available by place and time period.

  • To narrow your results, search by country, place of publication, title, language, microfilm number, or term.
Country of Publication Place of Publication Title Language Microform only Location Microfilm Number
Afghanistan Hirat Mandigar Persian AMEDRR 0
Afghanistan Kabul 8 Subh Persian AMEDRR Microfilm 17332 Np 5694
Afghanistan Kabul Afghanistan Times English NCPRR NM 4478
Afghanistan Kabul Anis Dari / Pushto AMEDRR Microfilm 17007 AMED Np 65
Afghanistan Kabul Ansar Persian AMEDRR 0
Afghanistan Kabul Dunya Persian AMEDRR 0
Afghanistan Kabul Ganj Pushto AMEDRR 0
Afghanistan Kabul Insaf Persian AMEDRR Microfilm (o) 2011/5846
Afghanistan Kabul Insijam Persian AMEDRR 0
Afghanistan Kabul Iqtidar-i milli Persian AMEDRR 0
Afghanistan Kabul Irshad al-nisvan Persian AMEDRR Microfilm (o) 2010/58557
Afghanistan Kabul Itilaf-i milli Persian AMEDRR 0
Afghanistan Kabul Ittilaat-i ruz Persian AMEDRR 0
Afghanistan Kabul Kabul Times, the English   NCPRR NM 2
Afghanistan Kabul Khirad Persian AMEDRR 0
Afghanistan Kabul Mujahid Persian AMEDRR 0
Afghanistan Kabul Rah-i madaniyat Persian AMEDRR 0
Afghanistan Kabul Sarnawisht wrazpanah Pushto AMEDRR 0
Afghanistan Kabul Shahadat Pushto AMEDRR Microfilm (o) 2011/5846
Afghanistan Kabul Visa Persian AMEDRR 0
Afghanistan Kabul Wahdat Persian   AMEDRR Newspaper Microfilm
Albania Tirana Koha jone Albanian   NCPRR NM 4414
Albania Tirana Rilindja demokratike Albanian   NCPRR NM 3586
Algeria Alger Authentique French   NCPRR NM 4079
Algeria Alger Basa’ir Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17003 Np 6
Algeria Alger Khabar Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 21090 Np 5861
Algeria Alger Liberte French   NCPRR NM 4117
Algeria Alger Moudjahid French   NCPRR NM 3873
Algeria Alger Sawt al-ahrar Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 21030 NP 5869
Algeria Alger Sha`b Arabic AMEDRR Nes Micro film 17041 NP 1563
Algeria Alger Shuruq al-yawmi Arabic AMEDRR NP 5862
Algeria Alger Soir d'algerie French   NCPRR NM 4184
Algeria Alger Watan French   NCPRR NM 4176
Algeria Alger Yawm Arabic AMEDRR 0
Algeria Oran Quotidien d'oran French   NCPRR 0
Argentina Buenos Aires Buenos Aires herald Spanish   NCPRR 0
Argentina Buenos Aires Clarin Spanish   NCPRR NM 13
Argentina Buenos Aires Economista, El Spanish   NCPRR 0
Argentina Buenos Aires Nación Spanish NCPRR NM 14
Argentina Buenos Aires Nuestra propuesta Spanish   NCPRR 0
Argentina Buenos Aires Prensa Spanish NCPRR NM 15
Argentina San Miguel deTucumán Gaceta Spanish   NCPRR NM 1726
Armenia Yerevan Golos Armenii Russian EURRR NM 1862
Armenia Yerevan Grakan Tert Armenian AMEDRR Nes Microfilm Np 1133
Armenia Yerevan Hayastani Hanrapetutyun Armenian AMEDRR NES Microfilm 20001 NP 5039
Australia Brisbane Courier-mail English NCPRR NM 725
Australia Melbourne Age English NCPRR NM 22
Australia Sydney Australian English NCPRR NM 21
Australia Sydney Sydney morning herald English NCPRR NM 26
Austria Salzburg Salzburger Nachrichten German   NCPRR NM 28
Austria Vienna Presse German   NCPRR NM 37
Azerbaijan Baku Bakinskii rabochii Russian EURRR NM 756
Azerbaijan Baku Xalq Cabhasi Azerbaijani AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 21011
Azerbaijan Stepanakert Azat Artsakh Azerbaijani AMEDRR NES Microfilm 20000 : Armenian
Bahrain Manama Ayyam Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17034 NP 4947
Bahrain Manama Gulf Daily News English   NCPRR NM 3666
Bangladesh Dhaka Daily Star English NCPRR NM3625
Bangladesh Dhaka Dainika inakilaba (Bangladesh) Bengali ASIANRR NP 4924
Bangladesh Dhaka Dainika itephaka Bengali ASIANRR NP 751
Bangladesh Dhaka Yayayayadina Bengali ASIANRR NP 5189
Barbados Bridgetown Barbados Advocate English   NCPRR NM 1881
Belarus Minsk BelGazeta Russian EURRR NM 4490
Belarus Minsk Nasha niva Belarusian   EURRR NM 4510
Belarus Minsk Nasha slova Belarusian EURRR NM 4665
Belarus Minsk Sovetskaia Belorussiia Russian EURRR NM 803
Belgium Antwerp Gazet van Antwerpen Dutch   NCPRR NM 2057
Belgium Brussels Echo newspaper French   NCPRR 0
Belgium Brussels Het Laatste nieuws Dutch   NCPRR NM  45
Belgium Brussels Libre Belgique French   NCPRR NM 46
Belgium Brussels Soir French   NCPRR NM 48
Belgium Brussels Standaard, De Dutch   NCPRR NM 3859
Belize Belize City Amandala English   NCPRR NM 3655
Belize Belize City Reporter English   NCPRR NM 4120
Benin ? Expression French   NCPRR 0
Benin Calavi Definfo ?   NCPRR 0
Benin Cotonou Aurore, L' French   NCPRR NM 4219
Benin Cotonou Autre quotidien French   NCPRR 0
Benin Cotonou Autre vision French   NCPRR 0
Benin Cotonou Djakpata French   NCPRR 0
Benin Cotonou Express French   NCPRR 0
Benin Cotonou Fraternite French   NCPRR NM 5184
Benin Cotonou Independent French   NCPRR 0
Benin Cotonou Matin, Le French   NCPRR NM 4075
Benin Cotonou Matinal, Le French   NCPRR NM 4236
Benin Cotonou Meilleur French   NCPRR 0
Benin Cotonou Nation, La French   NCPRR NM2283
Benin Cotonou Nouvelle expression French   NCPRR 0
Benin Cotonou Nouvelle tribune French   NCPRR 0
Benin Cotonou Options Infos, L' French   NCPRR 0
Benin Cotonou Presse du jour French   NCPRR 0
Benin Cotonou Progres, Le French   NCPRR NM 4221
Benin Cotonou Pyramide, La French   NCPRR NM 4957
Benin Cotonou Quotidien nokoue French   NCPRR 0
Benin Cotonou Telegramme, Le French   NCPRR NM 5212
Benin Porto-Novo Adjinakou French   NCPRR 0
Benin Porto-Novo Aube Nouvelle French   NCPRR NM 3269
Benin Porto-Novo Tribune de la Capital, La French   NCPRR NM 4764
Bhutan Thimphu Kuensel English ASIANRR NM 06500
Bolivia LaPaz Diario Spanish NCPRR NM 50
Bosnia and Hercegovina Banja Luka Glas Srpske Serbian   EURRR 0
Bosnia and Hercegovina Banja Luka Nezavisne novine Serbian   EURRR 0
Bosnia and Hercegovina Mostar Dnevni list Bosnian   EURRR 0
Bosnia and Hercegovina Sarajevo Dnevni avaz Bosnian   EURRR 0
Bosnia and Hercegovina Sarajevo Novo vrijeme Bosnian   EURRR 0
Bosnia and Hercegovina Sarajevo Oslobođenje Bosnian   EURRR NM 899
Botswana Francistown Voice, The English NCPRR NM 3985
Botswana Gaborone Botswana gazette English NCPRR NM 3715
Botswana Gaborone Daily news English NCPRR NM 2444
Botswana Gaborone Midweek sun, The English NCPRR NM 3740
Botswana Gaborone Mmegi wa dikgang English NCPRR NM 3741
Brazil Brasilia Correio braziliense Portuguese   NCPRR NM 750
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Globo, O Portuguese   NCPRR NM 53
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Granma internacional Portuguese   NCPRR 0
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Jornal do commercio RJ Portuguese   NCPRR NM 55
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Valor economico Portuguese   NCPRR 0
Brazil Sao Paulo Estado de Sao Paulo, O Portuguese   NCPRR NM 58
Brazil Sao Paulo Folha de Sao Paulo Portuguese   NCPRR NM 743
Brazil Sao Paulo Nikkey Shimbun Japanese   ASIANRR NM 27017 Japan
Brazil Sao Paulo Sao Paulo shimbun Japanese   ASIANRR NM 27023 Japan
Brazil Sao Paulo Sao Paulo, O Portuguese   NCPRR 0
Bulgaria Sofia 24 chasa Bulgarian EURRR NM 4340
Bulgaria Sofia Ataka Bulgarian EURRR 0
Bulgaria Sofia Bulgarska armiia Bulgarian   EURRR NM 76
Bulgaria Sofia Duma Bulgarian EURRR NM 80
Bulgaria Sofia Evreiski vesti Bulgarian   EURRR NM 2736
Bulgaria Sofia Kapital Bulgarian EURRR NM 4339
Bulgaria Sofia Narodno zemedelsko zname Bulgarian EURRR NM 2727
Bulgaria Sofia Narodno zemedelsko zname 21 vek Bulgarian   EURRR 0
Bulgaria Sofia Rusiia dnes Bulgarian   EURRR 0
Bulgaria Sofia Sedmichen obzor / Haftaya bakis Bulgarian / Turkish   EURRR 0
Bulgaria Sofia Sega Bulgarian EURRR NM 4684
Bulgaria Sofia Zemia Bulgarian   EURRR NM 4199
Burkina Faso Ouagadougou Observateur paalga French   NCPRR NM 2054
Burma Rangoon Kre mum Burmese ASIANRR Microfilm NP 2641 Bur
Burma Rangoon Mran ma a lan Burmese ASIANRR NP 2640 Bur
Burma Rangoon New light of Myanmar English NCPRR NM 1875
Burundi Bujumbura Renouveau du Burundi, Le French NCPRR NM 2585
Cabo Verde Praia Nacao Portuguese   NCPRR 0
Cambodia Phnom Penh Koh Santepheap Daily Khmer ASIANRR NP 3293 Khmer
Cambodia Phnom Penh Phnom Penh Post Khmer ASIANRR Newspaper microfilm 4719
Cambodia Phnom Penh Rasmi Kambuja Khmer ASIANRR NP 4790 Khmer
Cameroon Buea Post, The English NCPRR NM 4479
Cameroon Douala Nouvelle expression, La French NCPRR NM 4393
Cameroon Limbe Star, The English NCPRR NM 4349
Cameroon Yaounde Cameroon tribune English NCPRR NM 2053
Cameroon Yaounde Herald, The English   NCPRR NM 4367
Cameroon Yaounde Mutations quotidien French NCPRR NM 4368
Canada Edmonton Edmonton journal English NCPRR NM 101
Canada Halifax Chronicle-herald English NCPRR NM 103
Canada Hamilton Hamilton Spectator English NCPRR NM 105
Canada Hamilton Kanadski srbobran Serbian   EURRR 0
Canada Montreal Devoir French NCPRR NM 106
Canada Montreal Gazette English NCPRR NM 108
Canada Ottawa Ottawa citizen English NCPRR NM 112
Canada Quebec Soleil French NCPRR NM 751
Canada Regina Leader-post English NCPRR NM 115
Canada St. Johns Evening telegram English NCPRR NM 116
Canada Toronto Globe and mail English NCPRR NM 121
Canada Toronto National post English NCPRR NM 119
Canada Vancouver Vancouver sun English NCPRR NM 127
Canada Windsor Windsor star English NCPRR NM 720
Canada Winnipeg Winnipeg free press English NCPRR NM 132
Chile Concepcion Sur, El Spanish   NCPRR NM 3860
Chile Santiago Mercurio Spanish NCPRR NM 138
China Beijing Jie fang jun bao Chinese ASIANRR NM China
China Beijing Wen zhai bao Chinese ASIANRR NM 22342 China
China Beijing Zhongguo huan jing bao Chinese ASIANRR NM 22302 China
China Beijing Ren min ri bao suo yin he ding ben Chinese   ASIANRR Class # AP 95.C4 R452
China Beijing Xiao fei ri bao Chinese ASIANRR NM 22237 China
China Changchun Killim sinmun Korean   ASIANRR 0
China Chongqing Chongqing ri bao Chinese ASIANRR NM China
China Guangzhou Nan fang zhou mo Chinese   ASIANRR 0
China Ha'erbin Heilongjiang ri bao Chinese ASIANRR NM China
China Ha'erbin Hungyonggang sinmun = Heilong news weekly Korean   ASIANRR NP 6147
China Hangzhou Hangzhou ri bao Chinese ASIANRR NM China
China Hong Kong Asian Wall Street Journal English   NCPRR NM 2269
China Huhehaote Nei Menggu ri bao Chinese ASIANRR 0
China Lhasa Bod-ljons nin rei tshags par Tibetan ASIANRR M/D257 Tib
China Shenyang Yonyong sinmun Korean   ASIANRR 0
China Shijiazhuang Hebei ri bao Chinese ASIANRR 0
China Yangji Yonbyon ilbo Korean   ASIANRR NM 33015
Colombia Bogota Espectador, El Spanish   NCPRR NM 2216
Colombia Bogota Tiempo, El Spanish NCPRR NM 155
Colombia Cali Pais, El Spanish NCPRR NM 3383
Colombia Medellin Colombiano, El Spanish NCPRR NM 3861
Costa Rica San Jose Nacion Spanish   NCPRR NM 162
Costa Rica San Jose Republica, La Spanish   NCPRR NM 163
Cote d'Ivoire Abidjan Fraternite matin French   NCPRR NM 456
Cote d'Ivoire Abidjan Nord-sud quotidien French   NCPRR 0
Cote d'Ivoire Abidjan Notre voie French   NCPRR 0
Cote d'Ivoire Abidjan Nouveau reveil French   NCPRR 0
Cote d'Ivoire Abidjan Nouvel horizon French   NCPRR 0
Croatia Osijek Glas Slavonije Croatian   EURRR NM 2857
Croatia Rijeka Glas Istre Croatian   EURRR NM 2858
Croatia Rijeka Novi list Croatian   EURRR NM 897
Croatia Split Slobodna dalmacija Croatian   EURRR 0
Croatia Zagreb Jutarnji list Croatian   EURRR 0
Croatia Zagreb Novosti: samostalni srpski tjednik Croatian   EURRR 0
Croatia Zagreb Vecernji list Croatian   EURRR 0
Croatia Zagreb Vijenac Croatian   EURRR 0
Croatia Zagreb Zarez Croatian   EURRR 0
Cuba Havana Alma mater Spanish   NCPRR 0
Cuba Havana Granma Spanish   NCPRR NM 165
Cyprus Lefkosa Yeni duzen Turkish AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 21084 Np 4902
Cyprus Nicosia Charauge Greek   NCPRR NM 1949
Czech Republic Prague Lidove noviny Czech   EURRR NM 3420
Dominica Roseau Chronicle English   NCPRR NM 3372
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo Caribe Spanish   NCPRR NM 203
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo Listin Diario Spanish   NCPRR NM 204
Ecuador Guayaquil Universo Spanish NCPRR NM 206
Ecuador Quito Comercio Spanish NCPRR NM 207
Egypt Cairo Ahram al‑ta`awuni Arabic AMEDRR NP 5871
Egypt Cairo Ahram weekly English   NCPRR NM 4080
Egypt Cairo Ahram, al- Arabic AMEDRR NP 67
Egypt Cairo Akhbar al‑masa'i Arabic AMEDRR 0
Egypt Cairo Akhbar, al- Arabic AMEDRR NP 625
Egypt Cairo Arev Armenian AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17088  Np 699
Egypt Cairo Dustur Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 21089 Np 5864
Egypt Cairo Egyptian Gazette English   NCPRR NM 870
Egypt Cairo Houssaper Armenian AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17103 Np 700
Egypt Cairo Jumhuriyah, al- Arabic AMEDRR Newspaper Microfilm 17009 NP 68
Egypt Cairo Masāʼīyah, al- Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 21029 NP 5867
Egypt Cairo Messager French / Arabic   NCPRR NM 2166
Egypt Cairo Middle East Obse English   NCPRR NP 03145HC
Egypt Cairo Misri al - yawm Arabic AMEDRR NP 5873
Egypt Cairo Wafd, al- Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17037 NP 1552
Egypt Cairo Watan Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 21038 Np 5889
Egypt Cairo Watani Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17070 NP 1605
El Salvador San Salvador Prensa Grafica Spanish   NCPRR NM 209
Estonia Tallinn Eesti paevaleht Estonian EURRR NM 3982
Estonia Tallinn Postimees Estonian EURRR NM 3983
Ethiopia Addis Ababa ʼAdis ʼadmās Amharic AMEDRR 0
Ethiopia Addis Ababa ʼAdis leśān Amharic AMEDRR 0
Ethiopia Addis Ababa ʼAdis zaman Amharic AMEDRR 16001H
Ethiopia Addis Ababa Capital English   NCPRR 0
Ethiopia Addis Ababa Ethiopian herald English   NCPRR NM 3678
Ethiopia Addis Ababa Fenota naṡānat Amharic AMEDRR 0
Ethiopia Addis Ababa Feqerenā salām Amharic AMEDRR 0
Ethiopia Addis Ababa Fortune English   NCPRR NM 5225
Ethiopia Addis Ababa ʼItyo čānāl Amharic AMEDRR 0
Ethiopia Addis Ababa Negdenā lemāt Amharic AMEDRR 0
Ethiopia Addis Ababa Polisenā remeǧāw Amharic AMEDRR 1600H
Ethiopia Addis Ababa Reporter, The English   NCPRR 0
Ethiopia Addis Ababa Riportar Amharic AMEDRR 0
Ethiopia Addis Ababa Sandaq Amharic AMEDRR NM 16004
Ethiopia Addis Ababa Semeʻa ṣedq Amharic AMEDRR 0
Ethiopia Addis Ababa Wāstenā Amharic AMEDRR 0
Finland Helsinki Demokraatti Finnish NCPRR NM 221
Finland Helsinki Helsingin sanomat Finnish   NCPRR NM 213
Finland Helsinki Kansan uutiset Finnish NCPRR NM 215
Finland Helsinki Kauppalehti Finnish NCPRR NM 216
Finland Tampere Aamulehti Finnish NCPRR NM 212
France Nice Nice-matin French NCPRR NM 1691
France Paris Charlie hebdo French   NCPRR NM 5215
France Paris Figaro French NCPRR NM 235
France Paris Monde French NCPRR NM 915
France Paris Nor haraj Armenian   AMEDRR 0
France Paris Russkaia mysl Russian   EURRR NM 242
Gabon Libreville Union, L' French NCPRR NM 3936
Gambia Banjul Daily Observer English   NCPRR NM 4722
Gambia Banjul Point, The English   NCPRR 0
Gambia Banjul Standard English   NCPRR 0
Gambia Serrekunda Foroyaa English   NCPRR 0
Georgia Soxumi Respublika Abkhaziia Russian EURRR NM 5058
Georgia Tbilisi Georgia Today English   NCPRR 0
Georgia Tbilisi Menora Georgian   AMEDRR AMED:GEOR:M46
Georgia Tbilisi Messenger English   NCPRR 0
Georgia Tbilisi Rezonansi Georgian AMEDRR NES Microfilm 20002 : Georgian
Georgia Tbilisi Sakartvelos Respublika Georgian AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17101 NP 5136
Georgia Tbilisi Vrastan Armenian   AMEDRR 0
Germany Berlin Berliner Kurier German   NCPRR NM 2526
Germany Berlin Neues Deutschland German   NCPRR NM 263
Germany Berlin Tagesspiegel German   NCPRR NM 268
Germany Berlin Welt German   NCPRR NM 288
Germany Bonn General-Anzeiger German   NCPRR NM 1918
Germany Bremen Weser Kurier German   NCPRR NM 1730
Germany Cologne Kolnische Rundschau German NCPRR NM 275
Germany Dortmund Ruhr-Nachrichten German NCPRR NM 1916
Germany Dusseldorf Rheinische Post German NCPRR NM 279
Germany Essen Westdeutsche Allgemeine German NCPRR NM 281
Germany Flensburg Flensburger Tageblatt German NCPRR NM 1919
Germany Frankfurt Frankfurter Allgemeine German   NCPRR NM 282
Germany Frankfurt Frankfurter Rundschau German   NCPRR NM 283
Germany Hamburg Zeit German   MERC NM 1013
Germany Hamburg Zeit. Christ & Welt German MERC 2014/108
Germany Mannheim : Mannheimer Morgen German NCPRR NM 1762
Germany Munich Bayernkurier German MERC NM 5908
Germany Munich Suddeutsche Zeitung German NCPRR NM 291
Germany Nurnberg Nurnberger Nachrichten German   NCPRR NM 3871
Germany Saarbrucken Saarbrucker Zeitung German NCPRR NM 2535
Germany Stuttgart Stuttgarter Zeitung German   NCPRR NM 295
Ghana Accra Daily graphic English NCPRR NM 4353
Ghana Accra Ghanaian times, The English   NCPRR NM 298
Ghana Accra Mirror, The English NCPRR NM 2351
Ghana Accra Spectator, The English   NCPRR 0
Guam Agana Pacific daily news English   NCPRR NM 1754
Guatemala Guatemala City Diario de Centro America Spanish   NCPRR NM 341
Guatemala Guatemala City Periodico Guatemala, El Spanish   NCPRR NM 4401
Guatemala Guatemala City Prensa libre, La Spanish   NCPRR NM 1954
Guinea Conakry Affiches Guineenes French   NCPRR 0
Guinea Conakry Democrate, Le French   NCPRR 0
Guinea Conakry Independent, L' French   NCPRR 0
Guinea Conakry Lance, Le French   NCPRR 0
Guinea Conakry Observateur, L' French   NCPRR 0
Guinea Conakry Populaire, La French   NCPRR 0
Guinea-Bissau Bissau Expresso Bissau Portuguese   NCPRR 0
Guinea-Bissau Bissau Gazeta de noticias Portuguese   NCPRR 0
Guinea-Bissau Bissau No pintcha Portuguese   NCPRR NM 2336
Guinea-Bissau Bissau Ultima hora Portuguese   NCPRR 0
Guyana Georgetown Catholic Standard English   NCPRR NM 3395
Guyana Georgetown New Nation English   NCPRR NM 4252
Haiti Port-au-Prince Nouvelliste French   NCPRR NM 2508
Honduras Tegucigalpa Tribuna Spanish   NCPRR NM 3108
Hungary Budapest Magyar hirlap Hungarian NCPRR NM 3602
Hungary Budapest Magyar nemzet Hungarian   NCPRR NM 358
Hungary Budapest Nepszava Hungarian   NCPRR NM 361
Hungary Budapest Vilaggazdasag Hungarian   NCPRR NM 3790
Hungary Debrecen Hajdu-Bihari naplo Hungarian   NCPRR NM 366
Hungary Miskolc Eszakmagyarorszag Hungarian   NCPRR NM 371
Hungary Pecs Uj Dunantuli Naplo Hungarian   NCPRR NM 373
India Agartala Dainik sambad Bengali ASIANRR Newspaper Microfilm
India Ahmedabad Gujarat samachar Gujarati ASIANRR Microfilm NP 1000 Guj
India Aizwal Highlander / mizoram English NCPRR NM 5207
India Bangalore Deccan Herald English NCPRR NM 387
India Bangalore Prajavani Kannada ASIANRR Microfilm NP 295 Kan
India Bombay Financial Express English   NCPRR NM 391
India Bombay Free press journal English NCPRR NM 4416
India Bombay Times of India / Bombay English   NCPRR NM 393
India Calicut Matrbhumi Malayalam ASIANRR Microfilm NP 181 Mal
India Chandigarh Tribune / India English NCPRR NM 3864
India Cuttack Samaja Oriya ASIANRR NP 171 Ori
India Darjeeling Bod mi`i ran dban Tibetan ASIANRR 0
India Delhi Hindustan Times English NCPRR NM 408
India Delhi Indian express English NCPRR NM 409
India Dimapur Nagaland post English NCPRR NM 5208
India Gauhati Assam tribune English NCPRR NM 403
India Gauhati Dainika asama Assamese ASIANRR Newspaper Microfilm 1462
India Hyderabad Inadu Telugu ASIANRR NP 4915 Tel
India Hyderabad Namaste telangana Telugu ASIANRR NP 5567 Tel
India Imphal Imphal free press English NCPRR NM 5209
India Jaipur Rajasthana patrika Hindi ASIANRR NP 4745 Hin
India Jalandhar Ajita Panjabi ASIANRR Microfilm NP 4919 Pan
India Jammu Daily excelsior English NCPRR NM 4018
India Jammu Kashmir times English NCPRR NM 2395
India Kanpur Dainika jagarana Hindi ASIANRR NP 1042 Hin
India Kolkata Ajakal Bengali ASIANRR Microfilm NP 4792 Ben
India Kolkata Ananda bajara patrika Bengali ASIANRR Newspaper Microfilm NP 165 Ben
India Kolkata Business standard English NCPRR NM 3624
India Kolkatta Statesman / Calcutta English NCPRR NM 2512
India Madras Hindu English   NCPRR NM 406
India Mumbai Loksatta Marathi ASIANRR Newspaper Microfilm NP 5566
India Mumbai Samana Marathi ASIANRR NP 4786 Mar
India New Delhi Mint English   NCPRR NM 4835
India Panaji Gomantaka Marathi ASIANRR NP 1068 Mar
India Panaji Oheraldo English NCPRR NM 2203
India Shillong Shillong times English NCPRR NM 5206
India Srinagar Greater Kashmir English NCPRR NM 4827
India Srinigar Roznamah srinagar ta'imz Urdu ASIANRR Newspaper Microfilm NP 5565
India Varanasi Aja Hindi ASIANRR Microfilm NP 156
Indonesia Banda Aceh Serambi Indonesia Indonesian ASIANRR Newspaper Microfilm Indo
Indonesia Denpasar Bali Post Indonesian ASIANRR Newspaper Microfilm Indo
Indonesia Jakarta Bisnis Indonesia Indonesian ASIANRR NP 4122 Indo
Indonesia Jakarta Guo Ji Ri Bao Chinese ASIANRR Newspaper Microfilm China
Indonesia Jakarta Jakarta Post English NCPRR NM 2972
Indonesia Jakarta Kompas Indonesian ASIANRR NP 1074 Indo
Indonesia Jakarta Koran Tempo Indonesian ASIANRR NP 5254 Indo
Indonesia Jakarta Pelita Indonesian ASIANRR NP 1718 Indo
Indonesia Jakarta Republika Indonesian ASIANRR NP 4861 Indo
Indonesia Jakarta Suara Pembaruan Indonesian ASIANRR 0
Indonesia Jakarta Yindunixiya Shang Bao Chinese ASIANRR Newspaper Microfilm 22349 China
Indonesia Jogjakarta Minggu Pagi Indonesian ASIANRR NP 1541
Indonesia Medan Waspada Indonesian ASIANRR NP 3366 Indo
Indonesia Padang Singgalang Indonesian ASIANRR NP 1662 Indo
Iran Tehran Abar Persian AMEDRR no bib record?
Iran Tehran Aftab-i yazd Persian AMEDRR NP 5385
Iran Tehran Alik Armenian AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17092 Np 743
Iran Tehran Amin-i jami'ah Persian AMEDRR no holdings listed
Iran Tehran Farhikhtigan Persian AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17325 NP 5692
Iran Tehran Hambastagi Persian AMEDRR 0
Iran Tehran Hamshahri Persian AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 21091 NP 5391
Iran Tehran Iran Persian AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17268 NP 5445
Iran Tehran Iran Daily English   NCPRR NM 4391
Iran Tehran I'timad Persian AMEDRR no holdings listed
Iran Tehran Ittilaat Persian AMEDRR NP 3317
Iran Tehran Kayhan Persian AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17011 NP 71
Iran Tehran Kayhan international English   NCPRR NM 3885
Iran Tehran Mardum-i salari Persian AMEDRR NP 5388
Iran Tehran Mihrab Persian AMEDRR 0
Iran Tehran Partaw-i sukhan Persian AMEDRR 0
Iran Tehran Risalat Persian AMEDRR NP 5386
Iran Tehran Ruzan Persian AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17326 Np 5693
Iran Tehran Ruznamah sharq Persian AMEDRR NP 5389
Iran Tehran Tehran Times English   NCPRR NM 2586
Iraq ? Kurdistani niwe Kurdish AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 21050 NP 5941
Iraq Baghdad `Adalah, al- Arabic AMEDRR NP 5408
Iraq Baghdad Ahali Arabic AMEDRR 0
Iraq Baghdad Baghdad Arabic AMEDRR 0
Iraq Baghdad Bayyinah, al- Arabic AMEDRR NP 5399
Iraq Baghdad Da`wah Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17261 NP 5651
Iraq Baghdad Dustur Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17263 NP 5653
Iraq Baghdad Ittihad, al- Arabic AMEDRR NP 5400
Iraq Baghdad Mashriq, al- Arabic AMEDRR NP 5401
Iraq Baghdad Mu'tamar Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17253 Np 5602
Iraq Baghdad Sabah Arabic AMEDRR NP 5402
Iraq Baghdad Sabah al-jadid, al- Arabic AMEDRR NP 5403
Iraq Baghdad Sawt al-ahali Arabic AMEDRR NP 5404
Iraq Baghdad Ta'akhi Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17071 NP 1717
Iraq Baghdad Tariq al sha`b Arabic AMEDRR 0
Iraq Baghdad Zawra', al- Arabic AMEDRR 0
Iraq Erbil Khabat Kurdish AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 20143 NP 5894
Iraq Erbil Kurdish globe Kurdish / English   NCPRR 0
Iraq Hawlyr Regay kurdistan Kurdish AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 21071 Np 6087
Iraq Hewler Rudaw Kurdish AMEDRR 0
Iraq Kurdistan Hawal Kurdish AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 21042 Np 5893
Iraq Sulaymaniyah Cawder Kurdish AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 21046 Np 5897
Iraq Sulaymaniyah Hawlati Kurdish AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 21041 Np 5892
Iraq Sulaymaniyah Newand Kurdish AMEDRR not found in catalog
Iraq Sulaymaniyah Yekgirtu Kurdish AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 21048 Np 5899
Ireland Dublin Irish independent English NCPRR NM 429
Ireland Dublin Irish times English   NCPRR NM 431
Israel Bene-Berak? Yated ne'eman Hebrew AMEDRR Hebr Microfilm 10043
Israel Jerusalem Jerusalem Post English NCPRR NM 433
Israel Jerusalem Mahaneh ha-haredi Hebrew AMEDRR  
Israel Jerusalem Yanshuf Hebrew AMEDRR 0
Israel Nazareth Sinnarah Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17056 Np 5000
Israel Tel Aviv Arets Hebrew AMEDRR Microfilm 9017758 Hebr
Israel Tel Aviv Fana, lapid Hebrew AMEDRR class no?
Israel Tel Aviv Globus Russian   EURRR 0
Israel Tel Aviv Maariv Hebrew AMEDRR AMED Microfilm 10016
Israel Tel Aviv Yisreeli Hebrew AMEDRR 0
Italy Milan Sole 24 ore newspaper Italian   NCPRR NM 437
Italy Milan Unita Italian NCPRR NM 438
Italy Rome Messaggero Italian   NCPRR NM 445
Italy Turin Incontro Italian   NCPRR 0
Jamaica Kingston Daily Gleaner English NCPRR NM 457
Japan Tokyo Asahi shinbun Japanese ASIANRR Newspaper Microfilm 27049
Japan Tokyo I onna no shinbun Japanese ? ASIANRR Newspaper Microfilm 27018
Japan Tokyo Nihon keizai shinbun Japanese ASIANRR Newspaper Microfilm 27005
Japan Tokyo Shakai shinpo Japanese ? ASIANRR Newspaper Microfilm 27028
Japan Tokyo Tosho shinbun Japanese ? ASIANRR Newspaper Microfilm 27035
Japan Tokyo Yomiuri shinbun Japanese ? ASIANRR bound monthly?
Jordan Amman `Arab al‑yawm Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17123 NP 5463
Jordan Amman Dustur, al- Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17039 NP 1517
Jordan Amman Jazirah Arabic AMEDRR 0
Jordan Amman Jordan Times English   NCPRR NM 2050
Jordan Amman Liwa' Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 21045 Np 5896
Jordan Amman Majd Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 21067 Np 6080
Jordan Amman Mir'ah Arabic AMEDRR 0
Jordan Amman Ra'y, al- Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17075 NP 1658
Jordan Amman Sabil Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 21031 NP 5872
Kazakhstan Almaty Egemen qazaqstan Kazakh AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 21010
Kazakhstan Almaty Kazakhstanskaia pravda Russian EURRR NM 745
Kazakhstan Almaty Megapolis Russian EURRR NM 4493
Kazakhstan Almaty Uigur avazi Kazakh AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 21014 Np 4977
Kenya Mombasa Coastweek English NCPRR NM 2721
Kenya Nairobi Daily nation English NCPRR NM 465
Kenya Nairobi EastAfrican, The English NCPRR NM 3648
Kenya Nairobi Standard, The English NCPRR NM 463
Korea, North P'yongyang Minju Choson Korean   ASIANRR 0
Korea, North P'yongyang Nodong sinmun Korean   ASIANRR NM 330007
Korea, North P'yongyang P'yongyang Times, The English   NCPRR NM 3970
Korea, South Seoul Choson ilbo Korean   ASIANRR 0
Korea, South Seoul Chungang ilbo Korean   ASIANRR 0
Korea, South Seoul Han'guk ilbo Korean   ASIANRR 0
Korea, South Seoul Korea herald English   NCPRR NM 470
Korea, South Seoul Korea times English   NCPRR NM 471
Korea, South Seoul Tonga ilbo Korean ASIANRR NM 33006
Korea, South Seoul Hankyore sinmun Korean ASIANRR NM 33006
Kosovo Pristina Zeri Albanian   NCPRR NM 4926
Kosovo Pristina Koha ditore Albanian   NCPRR 0
Kuwait Kuwait City Arab times English   NCPRR NM 2701
Kuwait Kuwait City Kuwait times English   NCPRR NM 3865
Kuwait Kuwait City Qabas, al- Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17076 NP 3646
Kuwait Kuwait City Siyasah, al- Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17043 NP 1602
Kuwait Kuwait City Watan, al- Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17077 NP 3649
Kyrgyzstan Bishkek Ittipak Kyrgyz AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 21077
Kyrgyzstan Bishkek Khueimin bo : dungan gazetasy Kyrgyz AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 21078
Kyrgyzstan Bishkek Slovo Kyrgyzstana Russian EURRR NM 771
Kyrgyzstan Bishkek Vechernii Bishkek Russian EURRR NM 4671
Laos Vientiane Kongthap Pasason Lao Lao ASIANRR Microfilm (0) 2006/69210 Lao
Laos Vientiane News Bulletin English NCPRR NM 4398
Laos Vientiane Pasason Lao ASIANRR Newspaper microfilm Lao
Laos Vientiane Viangchan Thulakit - sangkhom Lao ASIANRR Microfilm (0) 2002/63700
Laos Vientiane Vientiane Times English NCPRR NM 3659
Latvia Liepaja Kurzemes vards Latvian   EURRR 0
Latvia Riga Diena Latvian EURRR NM 3419
Latvia Riga Latvijas avize Latvian EURRR NM 4506
Latvia Riga Neatkariga rita avize Latvian EURRR NM 838
Lebanon Beirut Anwar Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17042 NP 1316
Lebanon Beirut Ararat Armenian AMEDRR 0
Lebanon Beirut Azdak Armenian AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17089  NP 746
Lebanon Beirut Bashir Arabic AMEDRR Nes Micro film 17002  NP 3
Lebanon Beirut Bina Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 21063 NP 5954
Lebanon Beirut Hayāh, al- Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17052  NP 77
Lebanon Beirut Nahar Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17014  NP 76
Lebanon Beirut Orient le-jour French   NCPRR NM 472  NP 472
Lebanon Beirut Safir Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17044   NP 1891
Lebanon Beirut Sharq Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17047 Np 4932
Lesotho Maseru Lentsoe la Basotho Sotho NCPRR NM 3805
Lesotho Maseru Lesotho today English   NCPRR NM 3805?
Lesotho Maseru Mololi Sotho   NCPRR NM 4928
Lesotho Maseru Mosotho Sotho   NCPRR 0
Lesotho Maseru Public eye English   NCPRR 0
Lesotho Mazenod Moeletsi oa Basotho Sotho NCPRR NM 2041
Lesotho Morija Leselinyana la Lesotho Sotho NCPRR NM 2664
Libya Benghazi Fabrayir Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 21040 NP 5891
Libya Benghazi Haqiqah Arabic AMEDRR 0
Libya Benghazi Libyan mirror English   NCPRR 0
Libya Benghazi Nas Arabic AMEDRR 0
Libya Tripoli Ghad Arabic AMEDRR 0
Libya Tripoli Libya al-ikhbari? Arabic AMEDRR 0
Libya Tripoli Masar Arabic AMEDRR 0
Libya Tripoli Tripoli Post English   NCPRR 0
Lithuania Ann Arbor? Lietuvos aidas Lithuanian EURRR NM 3837
Lithuania Vilnius Kurier wilenski Polish EURRR NM 4104
Lithuania Vilnius Lietuvos rytas Lithuanian EURRR NM 860
Luxemburg Luxemburg Luxemburger Wort Dutch   NCPRR NM 1844
Macedonia Skopje Dnevnik Macedonian   EURRR NM 4674
Macedonia Skopje Koha Albanian   NCPRR 0
Macedonia Skopje Lajm Maqedoni Albanian   NCPRR 0
Macedonia Skopje Nova Makedonija Macedonian   EURRR NM 900
Macedonia Skopje Svoboden pecat Macedonian   EURRR 0
Macedonia Skopje Utrinski vesnik Macedonian   EURRR NM 4673
Macedonia Skopje Yeni Balkan Turkish   AMEDRR 0
Madagascar Antananarivo Express de Madagascar, L' French NCPRR NM 3745
Madagascar Antananarivo Midi Madagasikara French NCPRR NM 3371
Malawi Blantyre Daily times English NCPRR NM 1792
Malawi Blantyre Malawi news English NCPRR NM 481
Malawi Blantyre Nation, The English   NCPRR NM 3596
Malaysia Kota Kinabalu Daily Express English NCPRR NM 2934
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Harakah Malay ASIANRR 95/51604
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur New Straits Times English NCPRR NM 753
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Utusan Malaysia Malay ASIANRR Microfilm 2006/51600 Malay
Malaysia Kuching Utusan Borneo Malay ASIANRR Newspaper Microfilm 0 Malay
Malaysia Petaling Jaya Nanyang Siang Pau Chinese ASIANRR Newspaper Microfilm 22156 China
Maldives Male Haviru Divehi ASIANRR NP 4739
Marshall Islands Majuro Marshall Islands journal English   NCPRR 0
Mauritania Nouakchott Horizons French   NCPRR NM 3528
Mauritania Nouakchott Siraj Arabic AMEDRR 21051NE
Mauritania Nouakchott Yawmiyat al-amal Arabic AMEDRR 0
Mauritius Beau-Bassin 5-plus dimanche French NCPRR NM 3746
Mauritius Port Louis Défi plus, Le French NCPRR NM 4366
Mauritius Port Louis Express, L' French   NCPRR NM 1831
Mauritius Port Louis Mauricien, Le French   NCPRR NM 1710
Mauritius Port Louis Mauritius times English   NCPRR NM 4817
Mauritius Port Louis News on Sunday English NCPRR NM 3828
Mauritius Port Louis Socialiste, Le French NCPRR NM 3231
Mauritius Port Louis Star (Weekly) French NCPRR NM 4420
Mauritius Port Louis Week-end French NCPRR NM 3750
Mexico Guadalajara Informador Spanish   NCPRR NM 488
Mexico Merida Diario de Yucatan Spanish   NCPRR NM 489
Mexico Mexico City Financiero Spanish   NCPRR NM 3381
Mexico Mexico City Jornada, La Spanish   NCPRR NM 3418
Mexico Mexico City Reforma Spanish NCPRR NM 3830
Micronesia Pohnpei Kaselehlie Press English   NCPRR NM 4828
Moldova Chisinau Moldavskie vedomosti Russian EURRR NM 4667
Moldova Chisinau Timpul Romanian MERC 2014/129
Moldova Comrat Vesti Gagauzii Russian EURRR NM 4668
Moldova Ribnita Homin Ukrainian EURRR NM 5059
Moldova Tiraspol Dnestrovskaia pravda Russian EURRR NM 4322
Moldova Tiraspol Pridnestrove Russian   EURRR NM 4321
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Kumun bicig Mongolian ASIANRR Newspaper Microfilm
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Mongol messenger English NCPRR NM 4016
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Odriin sonin Mongolian ASIANRR 0
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Unen Mongolian NCPRR NM 504
Montenegro Podgorica Vijesti Serbian   EURRR NM 4334
Morocco Casablanca Bayan al-yawm Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17046 NP 5147
Morocco Casablanca Ittihad al‑ishtiraki Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17117 NP 5014
Morocco Casablanca Matin : du sahara French   NCPRR NM 2358
Morocco Casablanca Opinion French   NCPRR NM 1812
Morocco Rabat Alam Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17017   NP 80
Morocco Rabat Inymisn n usinag Arabic AMEDRR 0
Mozambique Beira Diário de Moçambique French NCPRR NM 508
Mozambique Maputo Domingo Portuguese NCPRR NM 4145
Mozambique Maputo Magazine independente Portuguese   NCPRR 0
Mozambique Maputo Notí cias Portuguese NCPRR NM 4173
Mozambique Maputo Pais, O Portuguese   NCPRR 0
Mozambique Maputo Zambeze Portuguese   NCPRR NM 5220
Namibia Walvis Bay Namib times English NCPRR NM 3718
Namibia Windhoek Namibia economist English NCPRR NM 4826
Namibia Windhoek Namibian, The English NCPRR NM 3340
Namibia Windhoek New era English NCPRR NM 3717
Namibia Windhoek Windhoek observer English NCPRR NM 3723
Nepal Kathmandu Gorkhapatra Nepali ASIANRR Microfilm NP 1122
Nepal Kathmandu Kantipura Nepali ASIANRR NP 4921
Nepal Kathmandu Kathmandu post English NCPRR NM 3820
New Zealand Auckland New Zealand herald English   NCPRR NM 522
New Zealand Christchurch Press English NCPRR NM 524
Nicaragua Managua Prensa, La Spanish NCPRR NM 530
Nigeria Agbor Ika weekly English   NCPRR 0
Nigeria Apapa Vanguard English   NCPRR NM 4893
Nigeria Benin City Edo times English   NCPRR 0
Nigeria Benin City Reliance English   NCPRR 0
Nigeria Ikeja Punch English   NCPRR NM 2258
Nigeria Lagos Alaroye Yoruba   NCPRR 0
Nigeria Lagos Guardian English   NCPRR NM 2998
Nigeria Lagos Nation English   NCPRR NM 4686
Nigeria Lagos Navigator English   NCPRR 0
Nigeria Lagos Urhobo voice English   NCPRR 0
Nigeria Lagos This day English   NCPRR NM 4081
Norway Lakselv Sagat : Samiid aviisa Sami   NCPRR 0
Norway Oslo Aftenposten Norwegian NCPRR NM 539
Norway Oslo Finansavisen Norwegian   NCPRR 0
Oman Muscat Oman Daily Observer English   NCPRR NM 226
Oman Muscat Uman Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17048 Np 2571
Oman Muscat Watan Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17055  NP 2576
Pakistan Hyderabad Mihran Sindhi ASIANRR Newspaper Microfilm NP 807
Pakistan Islamabad News international, The English NCPRR NM 276
Pakistan Karachi Business recorder English NCPRR NM 4178
Pakistan Karachi Dawn English NCPRR NM 552
Pakistan Karachi Jang Urdu ASIANRR Microfilm NP 806
Pakistan Karachi Jasarat Urdu ASIANRR Newspaper Microfilm 1616
Pakistan Karachi Millata Gujarati ASIANRR Newspaper Microfilm 0
Pakistan Karachi Zarb-i mu'min Urdu ASIANRR Newspaper NP 5451
Pakistan Lahore Daily times English NCPRR NM 4171
Pakistan Lahore Khabrain Urdu   ASIANRR 0
Pakistan Lahore Nation, The English NCPRR NM 3349
Pakistan Lahore Nava-yi vaqt Urdu ASIANRR Microfilm NP 205
Pakistan Lahore Pakistan today English NCPRR NM 4861
Pakistan Multan Jhoke Saraiki ASIANRR Newspaper NP 5181
Pakistan Peshawar Aj Urdu ASIANRR NP 5691
Pakistan Peshawar Statesman English NCPRR NM 4858
Pakistan Peshawar Wahdat Pushto AMEDRR Newspaper Microfilm 0
Pakistan Quetta Azadi Urdu ASIANRR Newspaper Microfilm NP 5461
Pakistan Quetta Balochistan times English NCPRR NM 4933
Pakistan Rawalpindi Islam Urdu ASIANRR Microfilm NP 5187
Pakistan Swat Azadi,Swat Urdu ASIANRR Newspaper Microfilm NP 5623
Palestinian Territories Gaza Hayah al - jadidah Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17082 Np 4997
Palestinian Territories Jerusalem Quds Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17087  NP 1739
Palestinian Territories Ramallah Ayyam, al- Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17138   NP 5480
Panama Panama City Prensa, La Spanish   NCPRR NM 2973
Paraguay Asuncion ABC Color Spanish NCPRR NM 2181
Peru Lima Comercio Spanish NCPRR NM 585
Peru Lima Gestion Spanish   NCPRR NM 3984
Peru Lima Republica Spanish   NCPRR NM 3782
Philippines Makati city Balita (Weekly news serial) Tagalog ASIANRR NM 4341
Philippines Makati city Hiligaynon (Weekly news serial) Tagalog ASIANRR 0
Philippines Manila Bannawag (Weekly news serial) Tagalog ASIANRR 2002/8009
Philippines Manila Bisaya (Weekly news serial) Tagalog ASIANRR 2002/8008
Philippines Manila Liwayway (Weekly news serial) Tagalog ASIANRR Microfilm (0) 98/82000 Tag
Philippines Manila Manila standard today English NCPRR NM 4352
Philippines Manila Philippine daily inquirer English NCPRR NM 3597
Philippines Manila Shi Jie Ri Bao Chinese ASIANRR NP 5353 China 22202
Philippines Quezon Business world English NCPRR NM 3598
Philippines Quezon Manila bulletin English NCPRR NM 593
Philippines Quezon Manila times, The English NCPRR NM 594
Philippines Quezon City Bulgar Tagalog ASIANRR 0
Poland Krakow Gazeta krakowska Polish EURRR NM 605
Poland Warsaw Gazeta wyborcza Polish EURRR NM 3348
Poland Warsaw Rzeczpospolita Polish EURRR NM 2882
Portugal Lisbon Diario de noticias Portuguese NCPRR NM 633
Qatar Doha Gulf Times English   NCPRR NM 3654
Qatar Doha Rayah Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17057  NP 5172
Qatar Doha Sharq Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17058   NP 4938
Reunion Saint-Denis Journal de l'ile de la Réunion, Le French NCPRR NM 1693
Reunion Saint-Denis Quotidien de la Réunion et de l'Océan Indien, Le French NCPRR NM 2390
Romania Bucharest Adevarul Romanian   NCPRR 0
Romania Bucharest Allgemeine deutsche Zeitung fur Rumanien German NCPRR NM 653
Romania Bucharest Romania libera Romanian   NCPRR NM 654
Romania Tirgu Mures Nepujsag Maros megye legolvasottabb napilapja Hungarian   NCPRR NM 274
Russia Birobidzshan Birobidzshaner shtern Yiddish EURRR NM 4507
Russia Grozny Vesti respubliki Russian EURRR NM 4683
Russia Irkutsk Vostochno-Sibirskaia pravda Russian EURRR NM 3011
Russia Kazan (Tataristan) Vatanym tatarstan Tatar   AMEDRR NM 6030   NP 4978
Russia Moscow Courrier de Russie French NCPRR NM 5080
Russia Moscow Ekonomika i zhizn Russian EURRR NM 806
Russia Moscow Izvestiia Russian EURRR NM 808
Russia Moscow Kommersant daily Russian EURRR NM 3422
Russia Moscow Komsomolskaia pravda Russian EURRR NM 809
Russia Moscow Krasnaia zvezda Russian EURRR NM 308
Russia Moscow Kultura Russian EURRR NM 826
Russia Moscow Literaturnaia gazeta Russian EURRR NM 813
Russia Moscow Literaturnaia Rossiia Russian EURRR NM 2083
Russia Moscow Meditsinskaia gazeta Russian EURRR NM 2833
Russia Moscow MK : Moskovskii komsomolets Russian EURRR NM 820
Russia Moscow Moscow times English NCPRR NM 4850
Russia Moscow Moskauer deutsche Zeitung German NCPRR NM 5126
Russia Moscow Moskovskaia pravda Russian EURRR NM 817
Russia Moscow Nezavisimaia gazeta Russian EURRR NM 3399
Russia Moscow Nezavisimoe voennoe obozrenie Russian EURRR NM 4324
Russia Moscow Novaia gazeta Russian EURRR NM 546
Russia Moscow Novye izvestiia Russian EURRR NM 3633
Russia Moscow Rossiiskaia gazeta Russian EURRR NM 3400
Russia Moscow Rossiiskie vesti Russian EURRR NM 3401
Russia Moscow Russkii vestnik Russian EURRR NM 4670
Russia Moscow Trud Russian EURRR NM 2275
Russia Moscow Uchitelskaia gazeta Russian EURRR NM 2981
Russia Moscow Zavtra Russian EURRR NM 3404
Russia Nizhny Novgorod Nizhegorodskie novosti Russian EURRR NM 4129
Russia Novosibirsk Sovetskaia Sibir Russian EURRR NM 4133
Russia Rostov-on-Don Nashe vremia Russian EURRR NM 4495
Russia Saint Petersburg Pravda Russian EURRR NM 823
Russia Saint Petersburg Sankt-Peterburgskie vedomosti Russian EURRR NM 793
Russia Vladivostok Vladivostok Russian EURRR NM 4105
Russia Volgograd Volgogradskaia pravda Russian EURRR NM 4132
Russia Yekaterinburg Oblastnaia gazeta Russian EURRR NM 4130
Rwanda Kigali Imvaho nshya Kinyarwanda   NCPRR NM 3517
Rwanda Kigali Kinyamateka Kinyarwanda NCPRR NM 2303
Rwanda Kigali New times, The English NCPRR NM 4772
Rwanda Kigali Nouvelle relève, La French NCPRR NM 4521
Saudi Arabia Dammam Yawm, al- Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17051  NP 4945
Saudi Arabia Jeddah Saudi Gazette English   NCPRR NM 2064
Saudi Arabia Jeddah Ukaz Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17084  NP 3647
Saudi Arabia Mecca Makkah al-mukarramah Arabic AMEDRR 0
Saudi Arabia Mecca Nadwah Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17316  NP 5397
Saudi Arabia Riyadh Riyad Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17059  NP 4940
Senegal Dakar Soleil, Le French NCPRR NM 674
Senegal Dakar Wal Fadjri French NCPRR NM 4511
Serbia Belgrade Danas Serbian   EURRR 0
Serbia Belgrade Politika Serbian   EURRR NM 890
Serbia Novi Sad Dnevnik Serbian   EURRR NM 894
Serbia Novi Sad Magyar szo Hungarian   NCPRR NM 895
Seychelles Victoria Seychelles nation English NCPRR NM 2402
Seychelles Victoria Seychelles Weekly English   NCPRR 0
Sierra Leone Freetown Awoko English   NCPRR 0
Sierra Leone Freetown Independent Observer English   NCPRR 0
Singapore Singapore Straits times English NCPRR NM 681
Slovakia Bratislava Hospodarske noviny: HN Slovak   EURRR 0
Slovakia Bratislava Mosty Slovak   EURRR NM 5053
Slovakia Bratislava Uj szo Hungarian   NCPRR NM 177
Slovenia Ljubljana Delo Slovenian EURRR NM 892
Somalia Mogadishu Mogadishu Times Somali   NCPRR NM 5142
Somalia Mogadishu Xog-ogaal Somali   NCPRR NM 5143
South Africa Cape Town Cape Argus English   NCPRR NM 685
South Africa Cape Town Cape times English   NCPRR NM 686
South Africa Durban Ilanga Zulu   NCPRR NM 1832
South Africa Durban Mercury English   NCPRR 0
South Africa Durban Post (Johannesburg, South Africa) English   NCPRR NM 3879
South Africa Johannesburg Business day English NCPRR NM 733
South Africa Johannesburg Mail & guardian English   NCPRR NM 3736
South Africa Johannesburg Rapport Afrikaans   NCPRR NM 2319
South Africa Johannesburg Sowetan English   NCPRR NM 2965
South Africa Johannesburg Star English NCPRR NM 692
South Africa Johannesburg Sunday times English   NCPRR NM 1800
South Africa Johannesburg Times, The English   NCPRR 0
South Africa Kaapstad Burger Afrikaans   NCPRR NM 3866
South Africa Mariannhill Umafrika Zulu   NCPRR NM 696
South Africa Pietermaritzburg Witness English   NCPRR 0
South Africa Pretoria Pretoria news English   NCPRR NM 727
South Africa Randburg South African Jewish Report English   NCPRR NM 4838
Spain Barcelona Vanguardia, La Spanish   NCPRR NM 1778
Spain Bilbao Correo espanol, el pueblo Vasco Spanish   NCPRR NM 2931
Spain Madrid ABC Spanish   NCPRR NM 704
Spain Madrid Pais Spanish NCPRR NM 2516
Sri Lanka Colombo Dinamina Sinhalese ASIANRR NP 150 Sinh
Sri Lanka Colombo Island English NCPRR NM 3333
Sri Lanka Colombo Sunday leader English NCPRR NM 4351
Sri Lanka Dehiwala Navamani Tamil ASIANRR NP 5572 Sinh
Sri Lanka Jaffana Utayan Tamil ASIANRR NP 5571 Tam
Sri Lanka Ratmalana Ravaya : samvadasilli jatika maskiya Sinhalese ASIANRR Newspaper Microfilm Sinh
Sudan Khartoum Intibahah Arabic AMEDRR NP 5953
Sudan Khartoum Khartum Arabic AMEDRR NP 5134
Sudan Khartoum Quwat al Musallahah Arabic AMEDRR NP 1866
Sudan Khartoum Ra'y al‑Sha`b Arabic AMEDRR NP 5881
Sudan Khartoum Sudan vision English   NCPRR NM 4839
Swaziland Matsapha Swazi observer, The English NCPRR NM 2993
Switzerland Zurich Neue Zurcher Zeitung German NCPRR NM 1779
Syria Damascus Ba`th Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17061  NP 1808
Syria Damascus Nur Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 21061  NP 5952
Syria Damascus Sawt al sha`b Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 21068 Np 6081
Syria Damascus Thawrah Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17083   NP 1805
Syria Damascus Tishrin Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17062  NP 2653
Syria Damascus Watan Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 21034 Np 5874
Tajikistan Dushanbe Bahori ajam Tajik AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 21076
Tajikistan Dushanbe Jumhuriiat Tajik AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 21016 Np 5280
Tajikistan Dushanbe Minbari khalq Tajik AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 21069
Tajikistan Dushanbe Narodnaia gazeta Russian EURRR NM 761
Tajikistan Dushanbe Vechernii Dushanbe Russian EURRR NM 4672
Tanzania Dar es Salaam African, The English NCPRR NM 3794
Tanzania Dar es Salaam Business times English   NCPRR NM 3466
Tanzania Dar es Salaam Daily news English   NCPRR NM 154
Tanzania Dar es Salaam Majira Swahili NCPRR NM 3719
Tanzania Dar es Salaam Mtanzania Swahili NCPRR NM 3629
Tanzania Dar es Salaam Mzalendo Swahili   NCPRR NM 2187
Tanzania Dar es Salaam Rai Swahili NCPRR NM 4846
Tanzania Dar es Salaam Uhuru Swahili NCPRR NM 1698
Tanzania Zanzibar Zanzibar leo Swahili NCPRR NM 4375
Thailand Bangkok Bangkok post, The English NCPRR ?
Thailand Bangkok Nation, The English NCPRR ?
Thailand Bangkok Thai Rat Thai ASIANRR ?
Thailand Bangkok Than setthakit=Thansetthakit economic & business new Thai ASIANRR ?
Thailand Phuket Siang Thai Thai ASIANRR NP 4232
Timor-Leste Dili Suara Timor Lorosae Tetum ASIANRR NP 5138
Timor-Leste Dili Timor Post Tetum ASIANRR Microfilm NP 5275 Indo
Togo Lome Liberte French   NCPRR 0
Togo Lome Togo-presse French   NCPRR NM 2693
Trinidad and Tobago Port-of-Spain Trinidad Guardian English   NCPRR NM 740
Tunisia Tunis Maghrib Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 21035  NP 5886
Tunisia Tunis Presse de tunisie French   NCPRR NM 3883
Tunisia Tunis Sabah Arabic AMEDRR NP 5890
Tunisia Tunis Sabah al‑usbu`i Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 21019 Np 5875
Turkey Istanbul Agos Turkish / Armenian AMEDRR  
Turkey Istanbul Aydinlik Turkish AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 21086 Np 3126
Turkey Istanbul Cumhuriyet Turkish AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17105  NP 98
Turkey Istanbul Girgir Turkish AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 21081  NP 5165
Turkey Istanbul Hurriyet Turkish AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17111  NP 324
Turkey Istanbul Milliyet Turkish AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17086  NP 702
Turkey Istanbul Nor marmara Turkish AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17097  NP 701
Turkey Istanbul Taraf Turkish AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 21085 Np 6095
Turkey Istanbul Zhamanak Turkish AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17099  NP 704
Turkmenistan Ashgabat Galkynys Turkmen AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17143 Np 4987
Uganda Kampala Bukedde Ganda NCPRR NM 3754
Uganda Kampala Daily monitor English NCPRR NM 3785
Uganda Kampala New vision, The English NCPRR NM 3377
Uganda Soroti Etop Nilo-Saharan (Teso) NCPRR NM 3821
Ukraine Kiev Demokratychna Ukraina Ukrainian EURRR NM 785
Ukraine Kiev Holos Ukrainy Ukrainian EURRR NM 3485
Ukraine Kiev Literaturna Ukraina Ukrainian EURRR NM 778
Ukraine Kiev Molod Ukrainy Ukrainian EURRR NM 779
Ukraine Kiev Narodna Armiia [Kiev--Ukraine] Ukrainian EURRR NM 3486
Ukraine Kiev Uriadovyi kur'ier Ukrainian EURRR NM 3487
Ukraine Kiev Vechirnii Kyiv Ukrainian EURRR NM 3488
Ukraine Simferopol Krymskie izvestiia Russian EURRR NM 5055
United Arab Emirates Abu Dahbi Fajr Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17063  NP 5196
United Arab Emirates Abu Dahbi Wahdah Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17258 Np 3648
United Arab Emirates Abu Dahbi Watan Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 21032 Np 5870
United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi Ittihad Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17065  NP 1727
United Arab Emirates Dubai Imarat al - yawm Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 21073  NP 5863
United Arab Emirates Dubai Khaleej Times English   NCPRR NM 4413
United Kingdom Belfast Belfast Telegraph English   NCPRR NM 3575
United Kingdom Edinburgh Scotsman English   NCPRR NM 331
United Kingdom Glasgow Herald English   NCPRR NM 333
United Kingdom Leeds Yorkshire post English   NCPRR NM 300
United Kingdom London ʻAlam al-yawm, al- Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17038  NP 5221
United Kingdom London Arab weekly, The English   NCPRR  
United Kingdom London Daily Telegraph English   NCPRR NM 311
United Kingdom London Financial Times English   NCPRR NM XXXX Self-Service
United Kingdom London Independent English   NCPRR NM 3130
United Kingdom London Muʾtamar, al- Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17253   NP 5602
United Kingdom London Observer English   NCPRR NM 318
United Kingdom London Sharq al-awsaṭ Arabic AMEDRR NP 5409
United Kingdom London Sunday Times English   NCPRR NM 325
United Kingdom London Times English   NCPRR NM XXXX Self-Service
United Kingdom Manchester Guardian weekly English   NCPRR NM 329
United Kingdom Manchester / London Guardian English NCPRR NM 328
Uruguay Montevideo Pais Spanish NCPRR NM 877
Uzbekistan Tashkent Ishonch Uzbek AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 21012
Uzbekistan Tashkent Narodnoe slovo Russian EURRR NM 4494
Uzbekistan Tashkent Pravda vostoka Russian EURRR NM 2278
Uzbekistan Tashkent Tashkentskaia pravda Russian EURRR NM 4496
Uzbekistan Tashkent Uzbekiston ovozi Uzbek AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 21003  Np 4980
Uzbekistan Tashkent Vechernii Tashkent Russian EURRR NM 4327
Vatican City Vatican City Osservatore romano newspaper Italian   NCPRR NM 1892?
Venezuela Caracas Nacional Spanish NCPRR Nm 883
Venezuela Caracas Universal Spanish NCPRR NM 884
Vietnam Hanoi Cong Ly Vietnamese   ASIANRR 0
Vietnam Hanoi Van Nghe Vietnamese   ASIANRR Microfilm 096
Vietnam Hanoi Vietnam News English   NCPRR NM 4840
Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City Dai Bieu Nhan Dan Vietnamese   ASIANRR NP 6103
Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City Ha Noi Moi Vietnamese   ASIANRR NP 1702
Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City Nhan Dan Vietnamese   ASIANRR NP 51 Viet
Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City Nhan Dan Cuoi Tuan Vietnamese   ASIANRR 0
Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City Phu Nu Viet Nam Vietnamese   ASIANRR NP 6060 Viet
Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City Quan Doi Nhan Dan Vietnamese   ASIANRR NP 474 Viet
Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City Saigon Giai Phong Vietnamese ASIANRR NM 1910 Viet
Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City Tin Tuc Vietnamese   ASIANRR 0
Yemen Aden 14 Uktubir Arabic AMEDRR 0
Yemen Aden 22 Mayu Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 21026 Np 5882
Yemen Aden Tariq Arabic AMEDRR 0
Yemen Sana'a 26 Sibtambir Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 21066 Np 6077
Yemen Sana'a Mithaq Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 21037 Np 5888
Yemen Sana'a Shumu Arabic AMEDRR 0
Yemen Sana'a Thawrah Arabic AMEDRR Nes Microfilm 17064   NP 1715
Yemen Sana'a Wahdawi Arabic AMEDRR NP 5877
Yemen Sana'a Yemen times English   NCPRR NM 3867
Yemen Taiz Jumhuriyah Arabic AMEDRR NP 4952 or NP 5858 (ILS)?
Zambia Lusaka Post, The English NCPRR NM 3804
Zambia Lusaka Zambia daily mail English NCPRR NM 906
Zambia Ndola Times of Zambia English   NCPRR NM 3884
Zimbabwe Harare Daily news, The English NCPRR NM 1819
Zimbabwe Harare Financial gazette, The English NCPRR NM 2695
Zimbabwe Harare NewsDay English   NCPRR 0
Zimbabwe Harare Zimbabwe independent English   NCPRR NM 3817