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Foreign Newspaper Collections at the Library of Congress

Current Foreign Newspapers

The Division's foreign newspaper collections include print, microfilm, and/or digital formats, varying by title and date. For help determining the availability of specific titles, dates, and formats, contact us through Ask a Librarian.

The list below provides more information about current foreign newspaper collections in print and microfilm available in the Newspaper & Current Periodical Reading Room (NCPRR). The newspapers on this list comprise millions of loose issues and thousands of reels of microfilm.

To request current foreign newspapers in loose print or microfilm format, please submit a request slip in the NCPRR's Circulation Desk; delivery time is typically within 30 minutes.

Please note that some current foreign newspapers can be accessed digitally. Please see "Searching the Library of Congress E-Resources Online Catalog" on the How to Find a Newspaper page for more information.

Current Foreign Newspapers List

The Foreign Newspapers Currently Received at the Library of Congress inventory list was compiled in January 2017 and includes currently published foreign newspapers that the Library of Congress continues to acquire for its collections. The list is loosely defined in this manner in order to accommodate the wide variation in the currency of receipt which can be influenced by many factors including the country of origin and the format of the title. Attempting to acquire a title is not the same as actually receiving it. In general, print titles are considered current if there is a consistent pattern of receipt within the past three years, while microfilm is considered current if there is a consistent pattern of receipt within the past four years. Recently added titles are an exception. Newspapers classified as periodicals by the Library are not included in the list. Criteria for defining a newspaper can be found in the Library’s Foreign Newspaper Collections Policy Statement (PDF).

The list is sorted alphabetically by Country of Publication, Place of Publication (City), and Title of Newspaper. In places where the country name is ambiguous, the name appearing in the MARC Country Code List was chosen. Therefore, Burma appears in the list, as opposed to Myanmar. English spellings were used for city names. Initial articles in titles appear at the end of the title.

The Location indicates where the title may be accessed. Locations are:

A microfilm number is supplied when possible, usually an NM or NP number, for ease in requesting a film. Titles are marked “Microfilm Only” when the library purchases the title on microfilm directly from a commercial vendor bypassing the print paper, or the acquired paper is sent directly to one of the Library’s Overseas Offices for filming and never arrives at the Library in print form. Also, AMEDRR serves only microfilm for newspaper titles so all titles located in AMEDRR are marked “Microfilm Only.”

Data for this list was acquired from the Library of Congress Catalog, the Library’s six Overseas Offices, and the Preservation Division. Additional input was supplied by Recommending Officers, Acquisitions Librarians, Technicians, and the Collection Development Office. The intention is to update this spreadsheet on an annual basis.