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France & French Collections at the Library of Congress

Social Media

The Library's 4 Corners of the World Blog is a primary source for posts created by expert staff in the division. This section of the guide focuses on social media featuring the country of France and related topics.

4 Corners of the World Blog

In partnership with the Asian, and African & Middle Eastern Divisions, the 4 Corners of the World: International Collections Blog is a great resource to learn first-hand from expert curators and reference specialists all about the Library’s international collections. They are the largest and finest in the world with millions of items, in hundreds of different languages and scripts, which focus on societies and cultures around the globe. These collections include books, manuscripts, newspapers, magazines, films, audio recordings, and much more!

Blog Posts About France

Social Media from the Library of Congress

The Latin American, Caribbean & European Division (LAC&E) participates in several modes of social media, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more.


In addition to the main Library of Congress Facebook page External, the Latin American, Caribbean & European Division creates content for the International Collections page, including collection highlights, events, and more.


The Library hosts a number of Twitter feeds as part of its collection of social media offerings. Events and items related to the country of France can be found in the two Twitter feeds below.

More Social Media

More social media sites and services feature content related to the country of France.