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Gena Branscombe: A Guide to Resources

Digitized Music

As a part of the larger digital projects, The Library of Congress celebrates the Songs of America, A.P. Schmidt Company Archives (1869-1958), and American Choral Music, works by Gena Branscombe have been digitized and made freely available on the Library of Congress web site. The link below provides access to eighty-five digitized pieces, listed in alphabetical order by title, including choral arrangements in manuscript and print as well as published sheet music for solo voice and piano.

Selected Works by Gena Branscombe

Gena Branscombe, composer. Three Un-Improving Songs for Enthusiastic Children [And One Song for Sleepy-Time]. 1922. Library of Congress Music Division.
A set of four songs that contain lessons for young children. The titles are 1. Maidens from Japan [Geography Lesson], 2. Sprightly Mrs. Grasshopper [Nature Study], 3. The Birthday Party [Manners], 4. Over Dreaming Children [Song for Sleepy-Time].
Gena Branscombe, composer. I Bring You Heartsease: Trio for women's voices. 1916. Library of Congress Music Division.
The holograph manuscript of Gena Branscombe's trio for women's voices "I Bring You Heartsease," found in box 42 of the A.P. Schmidt Collection.
Gena Branscombe, composer. With Rue My Heart is Laden. 1907. Library of Congress Music Divison.
Gena Branscombe's setting of the famous poem by A.E. Housman, "With Rue My Heart is Laden" from his collection "A Shropshire Lad."