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Genetic Genealogy: DNA and Family History

Online Resources

Before taking a DNA test, consider the research question that you want to answer and learn about the different tests and companies that are available to choose from. DNA research is a serious and popular branch of modern day genealogy. There are many excellent guides, tools, and case studies available to educate and inspire family historians as they combine this scientific approach with their traditional research. We encourage you to visit, bookmark, and become familiar with these resources.

Use these resources to learn more about how and why genealogists use DNA to further their research.

Your DNA test results are the beginning, not the end, of your research. Use these resources to understand and maximize the information revealed by DNA.

Library of Congress subject specialists have created research guides that highlight specific topics related to the evolution, benefits, and challenges of incorporating DNA analysis into traditional genealogical research.

The International Society of Genetic Genealogy (ISOGG) has created an excellent list of forums, mailing lists, and Facebook pages as a means of connecting with other genealogists.