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The Germans in America

A chronology of German immigration to the United States, with links to German-American newspapers and suggestions for further reading.


This research guide provides information about German immigration to the United States and the activities of German immigrants in this country from the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries. For a brief historical overview of German immigration and how it affected American culture and society, see Still Waters: The Impact of German Immigration to the Unites States.

"The Germans in America" was part of a larger project to create, in cooperation with partners in Europe and the United States, a Transatlantic Digital Library dealing with themes of common European-American interest and significance. This project is also linked to the Transatlantic Information Exchange System (TIES), which was launched in May 1998 under the auspices of the United States-European Union New Transatlantic Agenda. Other projects in this series dealt with immigration from other European countries and with the fiftieth anniversary of the Marshall Plan and other important anniversaries of transatlantic significance. The chronology is adapted from am earlier version prepared by Eric Solsten, Reference Librarian, European Division, Library of Congress. Professor Don Heinrich Tolzmann of the University of Cincinnati made numerous helpful suggestions regarding the chronology and bibliography. Partial funding for The Germans in America was provided by the United States Information Agency.