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Globalization: A Resource Guide

History of Globalization

Whiting View Company. A Hauran train caravan arriving at Damascus, Syria. c1900 April 20. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division

While globalization is often referred to as a contemporary or modern phenomenon, globalization can be studied from a historical perspective, by using the historical record spanning many centuries or millennia. A historical analysis of globalization, its origins, growth and implications, can provide a more comprehensive look, and better understanding of the concept and discussion surrounding globalization.

Given the increasing amount of literature on globalization and its numerous interpretations, many scholars agree that presently it is even more important to understand the historical context of globalization. Much of the literature provided discusses how the global economy of the 21st century is built upon the foundation and expansion of world commerce and trade established many centuries ago.

This section presents literature that examines the historical aspects of globalization by looking at its origins, the history of international economics and trade, and the history of international finance, exchange and global markets. It is the intent of this section to provide a compilation of material that presents a historical and comprehensive analysis of the discussion of globalization.