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Green Business: Sources of Information

Green Consumers

A growing number of consumers are looking at what they are consuming, what the effects are on the planet, and are choosing sustainable brands from trash bags to cocktail dresses. The resources in this section will be useful for both consumers who are considering a lifestyle change, and businesses who are exploring the market and trying to understand sustainability-minded consumers. To find specific sustainable brands of products search the internet for "eco-friendly", "earth-friendly", "biodegradeable", "green", or "sustainable" along with product categories.

Print Resources

The following materials link to fuller bibliographic information in the Library of Congress Online Catalog. Links to digital content are provided when available.

Search the Library's Catalog

Additional works may be identified by searching the Library of Congress Online Catalog under appropriate subject headings. Choose the topics you wish to search from the following list of headings browse searches below. Not all of the relevant subject headings have been included, but the ones below should be a good start. For additional assistance, please Ask a Librarian.

Online Resources

The following websites offer information on sustainable consumption trends as well as practical tips for consumers from identifying green products to calculating your carbon footprint.