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Harry Thacker Burleigh: A Guide to Resources

Solo Vocal Sheet Music

The following sheet music was originally digitized as part of The Library of Congress Celebrates the Songs of America, which was a collaboration between the Library of Congress Music Division, Motion Picture, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound Division, and the American Folklife Center.

Burleigh's Solo Vocal Music Arranged by Title

Songs by Harry T. Burleigh listed below are available for performance and study. Song Collections are listed in bold.

Achievement (Words by Francis Bacon Paine)

Adoration (Words by Dora Lawrence Houston)

And As The Gulls Soar (Words by Francis Bacon Paine) (High Voice) (Low Voice)

Apart (Words by Francis Bacon Paine) (High Voice) (Low Voice)

Before Meeting (Words by Arthur Symons) (High Voice) (Low Voice)

By The Pool At The Third Rosses (Words by Arthur Symons) (Dedicated to and sung by John McCormack)

Carry Me Back To The Pine Wood (Words by Anon) (High Voice) (Low Voice)

Come With Me (Words by Lura K. Clendening) 

A Corn Song (Words by Paul Laurence Dunbar) (High Voice) (Low Voice)

Deep River (Words uncredited) (1916 Edition) (High Voice) (Low Voice)

Deep River (Words uncredited) (1917 Edition) (High Voice) (Medium Voice)

The Dove And The Lily (Scottish Folk Song) (High Voice) (Low Voice)

Down By The Sea (Words by George O'Connell) (High Voice) (Low Voice)

Dream Land (Cradle Song) (Words by Louise Alston Burleigh)

Dreams Tell Me Truly (Words by Frederic G. Bowles)

Elysium (Words by James Weldon Johnson) (High Voice) (Low Voice)

Ethiopia Saluting The Colors (Words by Walt Whitman)

Exile (Words by Inez Maree Richardson)

Five Songs On Poems by Lawrence Hope(Complete score available from IMSLP.ORG External)

1. Worth While (Not digitized on LOC.GOV)

2. The Jungle Flower (Not digitized on LOC.GOV)

3. Kashmiri Song (Not digitized on LOC.GOV)

4. Among The Fuchsias (Not digitized on LOC.GOV)

5. Til I Wake

Folk Song: I Love My Jean (Words by Robert Burns) (High Voice) (Low Voice)

Fragments (Words by Jessie Redmon Fauset) (High Voice) (Low Voice)

The Grey Wolf (Words by Arthur Symons) (Medium Voice) (Low Voice)

Have You Been To Lons (Words by Gordon Johnstone) (High Voice) (Low Voice)

He Met Her In The Meadow (Words uncredited)

He Sent Me You (Words by Frederick Herman Martens) (High Voice) (Low Voice)

Hearts (Words by C.M. Wilmerding) (High Voice) (Low Voice)

Heigh-Ho! (Words by James E. Campbell) (High Voice) (Low Voice)

The Hour Glass (Words by Alexander Groves) (High Voice) (Low Voice)

I Remember All (Words by Arthur Symons) 

I Want To Die While You Love Me (Words by Georgia Douglas Johnson) (High Voice) (Low Voice)

If Life Be A Dream (Words by Frank L. Stanton) (High Voice) (Low Voice)

In Summer (Words by Josephine Nicholls)

In The Great Somewhere (Words by Harold Robé) (High Voice) (Medium Voice) (Low Voice)

In The Wood Of Finvara (Words by Arthur Symons) (High Voice) (Low Voice)

It Was Nothing But A Rose (Words by Anon)

Jean (Words by Frank L. Stanton)

Just A Wearin' For You (Words by Frank L. Stanton)

Just Because (Words uncredited) (High Voice) (Low Voice)

Just My Love And I (Boat Song) (Words by Louise A. Burleigh) (High Voice) (Low Voice)

Just You (Words by Madge Marie Miller) (High Voice) (Low Voice)

Listen To Yo' Gyarden Angel (Words by Robert Underwood Johnson)

The Little House Of Dreams (Words by Arthur Wallace Peach) (Sung By John McCormack)

Little Mother Of Mine (Words by Walter H. Brown) (High Voice) (Medium Voice) (Low Voice)

Love's Dawning (Words by Louise A. Burleigh) (High Voice) (Low Voice)

Love's Garden (Words by M. Heuchling)

Love's Pleading (Words by Leontine Stanfield)

Malay Boat Song (Words by Laurence Hope) (High Voice) (Low Voice)

Mammy's Li'l' Baby (Cradle Song) (Words by Louise A. Burleigh) (High Voice) (Low Voice) (Specially composed for and sung by Ernestine Schumann-Heink)

The Man In White (Words uncredited) 

Memory (Words by Arthur Symons) (High Voice) (Low Voice)

Myrra (I Know Of Two Bright Eyes) (Words Uncredited) (High Voice) (Low Voice)

Now Sleeps The Crimson Petal (Words by Alfred Lord Tennyson) (High Voice) (Low Voice)

O Love Of A Day (Words by Randolph Hartley) (High Voice) (Low Voice)

O Why Art Thou Not Near Me (Words by Anon) (High Voice) (Low Voice)

Oh, My Love (Words by Harriet Gaylord)

On Inishmaan Isles of Aran (Words by Arthur Symons) (High Voice) (Low Voice)

One Day (Words by Mary Blackwell Sterling)

One Year (1914-1915) (Words by Margaret M. Harlan)

Passionale (Four Songs for Tenor) (Words by James Weldon Johnson) (Complete Cycle)

1. Her Eyes, Twin Pools (High Voice) (Low Voice)

2. Your Lips Are Wine

3. Your Eyes So Deep

4. The Glory Of The Day Was In Her Face (High Voice) (Low Voice)

Perhaps (Words by Louise Alston Burleigh) (High Voice) (Low Voice)

Plantation Melodies Old and New (Words by Ray E. Phillips, James E. Campbell, and Paul Lawrence Dunbar) (Song Collection)

The Prayer I Make For You (Words by Harold Robé)

The Prayer (Words by Arthur Symons) (High Voice) (Medium Voice) (Low Voice)

Promis' Lan' (A Hallelujah Song) (Words by Mrs N.J. Corey) (High Voice) (Medium Voice) (Low Voice)

Request (Words by Laurence Hope) (High Voice) (Low Voice)

Ring, My Bawnjer, Ring (Words by James E. Campbell)

The Sailor's Wife (Words by Mary Stewart Cutting) (High Voice) (Low Voice)

Saracen Songs (Words by Fred G. Bowles) (Song Cycle for High Voice and Piano)

Since Molly Went Away (Words by Frank L. Stanton) (High Voice) (Low Voice)

The Soldier (Words by Rupert Brooke) (High Voice) (Low Voice)

Somewhere (Song for Soprano) (Words by James P. Whedon)

Tell Me Once More (Words by Fred G. Bowles) (High Voice) (Low Voice)

Three Shadows (Words by Dante Gabriel Rossetti) (High Voice) (Medium Voice) (Low Voice)

Three Songs for Baritone or Mezzo Soprano

1. If You But Knew (Translated from the French)

2. A Birthday Song (Words by Christina Georgina Rossetti)

3. Life (Words by John Boyle O'Reilly)

Through Love's Eternity (Words by C.C. Stoddard) (High Voice) (Low Voice)

Through Peace To Light (Words by Adelaide Proctor)

Thy Heart (Words by A.V. Williams Jackson)

Tide (Words by Francis Bacon Paine) (High Voice) (Low Voice)

Two Plantation Melodies

1. I'll Be Dar To Meet Yo' (Words uncredited)

2. Keep A Good Grip On De Hoe (Words uncredited)

Two Poems by W.E. Henley

1. Bring Her Again to Me (High Voice) (Low Voice)

2. The Spring My Dear is No Longer Spring (Not digitized on LOC.GOV)

Two Words (Words by Edward Oxenford)

Under A Blazing Star (Words by Mildred Seitz) (High Voice) (Low Voice)

The Victor (Words by George O'Connell) (High Voice) (Medium Voice) (Low Voice)

Waiting (Words by Martha Gilbert Dickinson) (High Voice) (Low Voice)

The Way O' The World (Words by Frank L. Stanton) (High Voice) (Low Voice)

Were I A Star (Words by A. Musgrove Robarts) (High Voice) (Low Voice)

You Ask Me If I Love You (Words by Lillian Bennett Thompson) (High Voice) (Low Voice)

The Young Warrior / Il Giovane Guerriero (English words by James Weldon Johnson, Italian words by Edoardo Petri) (High Voice) (Low Voice)