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Health of United States Presidents

This guide provides references to books, articles, and online resources relating to the health of U.S. Presidents and their wives. It also includes some accounts written by White House physicians.


This guide offers an introduction to locating materials on most aspects of presidential health and its history. It includes lists of suggested books, articles, and links to online resources for finding information on the the health of the presidents, from the early days of the Republic to the present. A number of these works give a comprehensive history of the health of American presidents and first ladies over the years, while others focus on individual presidents. There are also several books written by physicians and other White House insiders. Some of these resources look at past presidents and their actions through the lens of modern medicine, while others focus on the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which provides for the succession of executive authority in the case of a president's incapacitation or death. Visit the "For Further Research" secion of this guide to browse additional titles in the Library of Congress Online Catalog using suggested Library of Congress Subject Headings along with several bibliographical works.

About the Science Section

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