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Hospitality Industry: Restaurants, Hotels, & Lodging Resource Guide

Associations & Industry Resources

The resources below are news sources, industry associations, and websites that will provide industry information and can be used to keep up-to-date on current news, events, and trends. Many of the associations and research companies provide some free data through reports, newsletters, or journals but much of it is fee-based or available only to members.

Associations & Research Companies

Being familiar with the trade groups is an important part of understanding the hospitality industry. They are useful sources of information, so consequently we have included some of the associations that represent the restaurant and hotel industries. The associations included here are primarily focused on the United States; there are associations that represent the industry or industry professionals in other countries. Given the nature of the accommodations sector of hospitality, it may be necessary to look at the short-term rental market, by looking to any analysis/data provided by those companies and analysts that look exclusively at that sector.