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We Scream for Ice Cream: An Industry Guide

Selected Print Materials

On this page you will find a list of selected books, journals, articles, and reports related to the ice cream industry. These resources are sorted into specific categories below, including: History & Background Information; Industry Information & Reports; Historic Market & Product Information; Company Histories; and, Ice Cream Science & Technology. Nevertheless, most of these publications can be consulted more broadly.

A note on accessibility: some of these resources can be found online, in print, or both. Some of these online sources are open access, while others are available by subscription database only. Please refer to each resource individually to determine format and accessibility. The following materials link to fuller bibliographic information in the Library of Congress Online Catalog. Links to digital content are provided when available.

History & Background Information

These resources can be useful to learn about the history and evolution of the ice cream industry and to uncover information about ice cream products, business and company histories, and technology changes and the introduction of new techniques in the industry. Some of these resources may also have a fun recipe or two, too!

Industry Information & Reports

Current industry and market reports are mostly found online. Please note that most organizations that gather and analyze this data require payment or subscription access. Be sure to check the Library of Congress E-Resources page in order to determine on-site access. 

Historic Market & Product Information

It can be useful to consult historic market and industry reports to analyze changes in the industry over time. These resources can also be used to locate historic data, including tables, charts, and graphs. 

Company Histories

If you're looking to do research on one specific ice cream company, you may want to research the company's history. If the company is currently in business, check their website (if they have one) for an "about us," "history," or "vision/mission" page. Typically these pages will give an overview (or sometimes an in-depth timeline) of the company's background. For more information about how to research companies, check out the Library of Congress "Doing Company Research" guide.

Ice Cream Science & Technology

Studying the scientific aspects of the ice cream industry can help business owners and others when developing new products, or, assist those wishing to learn more about the chemical and physical makeup of ice cream. It is also important to be aware of technological and manufacturing changes in the industry. For more information on current and historic designs and inventions, visit the "Patents & Technical Standards" page of this guide.