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Illustrated English Language Periodicals in the Library of Congress

Searching & Viewing

A growing proportion of digitized images from illustrated periodicals can be viewed online, but much more is available on site. Provided below is information about what can be viewed online and how on-site researchers can locate and view the materials.

Searching & VIewing Images in the Online Catalog

Images from illustrated periodicals in Prints & Photographs collections that have been copied in response to duplication requests are generally represented by descriptions and digital images in the Prints & Photographs Online Catalog (PPOC). Images that have been copied from illustrated periodical issues elsewhere in the Library of Congress are also sometimes represented in PPOC, but such images were not systematically routed to the Prints & Photographs Division.

Searching for Images Using Supplementary Tools

Illustrated Periodicals card indexes

The following card indexes were developed by P&P staff prior to computerization. While the indexes are no longer maintained, they may lead to images that are not found through other means.

  • Subject Index from Illustrated Periodicals: A selective listing by subjects such as "Aerial Navigation," "Auctions," etc., for illustrations in a variety of 19th century periodicals such as Life, Gleasons, American Magazine, Illustrated London News, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper; music covers are also occasionally listed. (4 drawers)
  • Geographical Index from Illustrated Periodicals: A listing similar in content to the subject index above, but listings are by state and city, or country for places outside the U.S. (5 drawers)
  • Harper's Weekly Index to Articles and Illustrations: Contains listings by subjects, article/image titles, date; each entry includes a citation specifying the volume, date, and page of the item listed. (18 drawers)

Viewing Materials On Site

The volumes of illustrated English language periodicals in P&P are very fragile. In order to reduce repeat handling, the original volumes are used primarily for enabling Library of Congress Duplication Services to make high quality copies after relevant pictures have been identified through use of electronic databases or microfilm, which are listed with each title in the Periodical Titles page.

Microfilm is accessible through the Microform and Electronic Resources Center. Most of the electronic databases cited are available when using a workstation in any Library of Congress reading room or when connected to the Library of Congress wireless guest account on site. Other libraries may hold subscriptions to some of the same electronic databases.

Further Information