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Doing Industry Research

Census Bureau

The Census Bureau is the U.S. government agency collecting and publishing some of the largest business-oriented data. In addition, it also partners with and disseminates data from other agencies. Below are some of the major business-related series issued by this agency.

For anyone that is interested in more in-depth assistance, the Census Academy offers pre-recorded videos and webinars that are specific types of research and products. Each of the webinars is usually recorded and available:

  • Exploring
  • Introduction to Census Bureau Data
  • Exploring Census Data Webinar Series: Transportation Statistics
  • Women-Owned Businesses
  • Accessing the Economic Census Local Area Data on

They also produce video shorts - DATA GEMS - that are usually more task oriented like:

  • How to Navigate
  • How to Customize and Download Tables Using
  • How Do I Get Business Data for My Location?