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Doing Industry Research: A Resource Guide

Census Bureau

The Census Bureau is the U.S. government agency collecting and publishing some of the largest business-oriented data. In addition, it also partners with and disseminates data from other agencies. Below are some of the major business-related series issued by this agency. If you are looking to understand and use the older print Census title at the Library of Congress, Business Reference has published U. S. Census Connections: A Resource Guide.

For anyone that is interested in more in-depth assistance, the Census Academy offers pre-recorded videos and webinars that are specific types of research and products. Each of the webinars is usually recorded and available:

  • Exploring
  • Introduction to Census Bureau Data
  • Exploring Census Data Webinar Series: Transportation Statistics
  • Women-Owned Businesses
  • Accessing the Economic Census Local Area Data on

They also produce video shorts - DATA GEMS - that are usually more task oriented like:

  • How to Navigate
  • How to Customize and Download Tables Using
  • How Do I Get Business Data for My Location?