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Doing Industry Research: A Resource Guide

Print Sources

The materials listed below are either common titles, titles that may be easier to access locally, or are good starting point when starting historical industry research. It is not a complete rundown of titles that can be used. Titles published by the various government agencies that are referenced in Industry Sources: United States Government may also have long publishing histories, so review those titles for print equivalents and use the Dubester title below as well, if you are doing historical research. If you are looking to understand and use the older print Census title at the Library of Congress, Business Reference has published U. S. Census Connections: A Resource Guide.

There are many publishers like Plunkett Research that have long established histories of printing industry related titles or publishers like Kagan known for publishing in an industry but may either long be inactive or have been acquired. You would want to search our catalog to find older editions of their many titles. Here are just a few examples of an Advanced Search in our catalog to search on a few publishers that were (or are) known to publish on specific industries or had a particular focus on an industry.

Many of the trade literature sources are not necessarily going to be digitized and searchable.  Historically, indexing services have been the traditional way to access many of the articles found in trade literature if the journal did not index itself. Included below are many of the standard and relevant print indexing titles. While many of the below indexes are available in electronic format (see our databases), the print versions may be more widely accessible.

The following materials link to fuller bibliographic information in the Library of Congress Online Catalog. Links to digital content are provided when available.