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Influencer Marketing: A Research Guide

Industry Reports and Books

To get a broad overview of the influencer marketing industry, including trends, spending, and commercial context, the following selected industry reports and books can be helpful to get started.

Industry Reports

Industry reports and guides can be difficult to find through traditional publishers and databases because influencer marketing is a niche industry, included either with marketing broadly or grouped in with independent contractors. A variety of for-profit companies for managing social media have published overviews and industry reports that do not cost money, but many require you to give contact information in exchange for access. Often included in the reports are advertising for the services that the for-profit social media brand management companies provide.


Because influencer marketing is constantly evolving with new social media platforms, books on the topic can quickly become outdated. Below are a few books that look at influence broadly, and some that specifically look at the phenomenon of social media influencers and content creators. The titles below link to fuller bibliographic information in the Library of Congress Online Catalog. Links to digital content are provided when available.

Library of Congress Catalog Searches

Additional works on influencer marketing in the Library of Congress may be identified by searching the Online Catalog under appropriate Library of Congress subject headings. Choose the topics you wish to search from the following list of Library of Congress subject headings to link directly to the Catalog and automatically execute a search for the subject selected. Please see the individual sections of this guide for catalog searches relating to those topics. For assistance in locating the many other subject headings which relate to this subject, please consult a reference librarian.