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International Census Data Sources

Historical Census Data Sources

With some exceptions, international census publications received in the Library of Congress are housed in the general collections. The most recent censuses in print might also be housed in the appropriate area studies reading room, i.e., African and Middle Eastern, Asian, European, or Hispanic. Reading room staff should be consulted regarding the availability of census publications in their respective custodial divisions. The Library of Congress online catalog can be used to determine international census publications received in the Library of Congress. Although there are numerous ways to search, the suggested Library of Congress subject headings in the Search the Library's Catalog page usually yield good results. Also consult the guides listed below to determine background information and official titles and census year dates on available censuses for a country.

Guides to Census Sources in Print and Microform

This section is for those seeking historical census data on nations of the world and includes publications that offer guidance to census sources in print and microform. The following materials link to fuller bibliographic information in the Library of Congress Online Catalog. Links to digital content are provided when available.

Census Library Project Bibliography

The following titles are from the Census Library Project initiated in the Library of Congress in the fall of 1940 as a cooperative project of the Bureau of the Census and the Library of Congress. Its function was to compile analytical bibliographies to facilitate the use of census and vital statistics publications for all countries that were available in the Library of Congress collections. These bibliographies are useful in locating early census publications as the include the Library of Congress call numbers along with additional information about each census.


Listed below are periodicals the published monthly or annual statistical data.