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Italian American Periodicals at the Library of Congress

Genealogy Periodicals

This section of the guide lists periodicals specifically devoted to genealogy and family research. They represent the search by descendants of Italian immigrants to the United States to preserve or find their Italian heritage. Through researching the whereabouts and family trees of their Italian ancestors, other relatives now living in the United States could be traced. This section includes genealogical periodicals published by organizations like the POINTers, which stands for Pursuing Our Italian Names Together. These periodicals usually include directories with names and addresses of their members. 

Collins, Marjory, photographer. Untitled photo, possibly related to: New York, New York. An Italian-American cop chatting with a group of Italian-Americans in Washington Square Park. 1943. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

Select the title of any periodical listed below to view fuller bibliographic information for that item in the Library of Congress Online Catalog. Links to electronic versions are provided when available. Links to full-text articles available through the subscription databases in the Library of Congress E-Resources Online Catalog are only accessible onsite. Also, see the "Databases & External Websites" section of this guide.