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Japanese Historical Periodicals at the Library of Congress

Geographic Region

All titles are accessible in the Asian Reading Room. Question about a title? Use Ask-a-Librarian to contact Japanese reference staff. Links to titles found within this guide retrieve fuller bibliographic information from the Library of Congress Online Catalog.

Cover of Japanese magazine from 1942. In the background is a map outline of China. In the foreground is the magazine's title written vertically in large Chinese characters.
Shanhai: Chūgoku seikei bunka hyōron zasshi 上海:中國政經文化評論雜誌 1942. Library of Congress Asian Division.

The pages in this section list historical periodicals whose content deals primarily with a particular country or region. To accommodate browsing of a large number of publications, the titles have been listed alphabetically in a table format.

Publications that treat more than one geographic area may appear on multiple pages. The links below also appear in the navigation pane.