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Japanese Historical Periodicals at the Library of Congress

Periodicals on Microfilm

All titles are accessible in the Asian Reading Room. Question about a title? Use Ask-a-Librarian to contact Japanese reference staff. Links to titles found within this guide retrieve fuller bibliographic information from the Library of Congress Online Catalog.

Censored Periodicals from the Pre-1946 Period

The Asian Division holds several groupings of pre-1946 serial publications that underwent censor review at the Home Ministry (Naimushō 内務省). These materials have been catalogued collectively in 14 groupings, arranged alphabetically by romanized title. Due to the fragility of these materials, in principle only the microfilmed copies are available for use. The following link leads to a full listing of censored periodicals (Naimushō kenʾetsu zasshi 内務省検閱雜誌) in the Library's online catalog.

The checklist below, Censored Japanese Serials of the Pre-1946 Period: A Checklist of the Microfilm Collection, provides a full listing of these censored publications, which were microfilmed between 1960 and 1990. It is accessible at many research libraries and is also freely available via HathiTrust.

Periodicals from the Occupation Period (1945-1952)

There is also a large number of periodicals dating to the period of the US Occupation (1945-1952). Of particular interest to researchers is the microfilm collection [Senryōki no chikuji kankōbutsu] [占領期の逐次刊行物], which reproduces 3,547 periodical titles whose publication was primarily limited to the years of the US Occupation.

Most of the titles included in the [Senryōki no chikuji kankōbutsu] microfilm collection have not yet been catalogued. For a complete checklist of these publications and further information on their provenance, please refer to volume three of the reference work below.