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Jason Reynolds, National Ambassador for Young People's Literature

GRAB THE MIC Newsletter


Welcome to the home of the “GRAB THE MIC: Tell Your Story” newsletter!

The GRAB THE MIC newsletter is a place where Jason Reynolds can talk directly to you and share his thoughts on relevant topics of the day. These newsletters are inviting, entertaining, and—above all—imaginative. Reynolds’ newsletters are geared toward students and teachers, but are available for anyone curious at heart.

The GRAB THE MIC newsletter was issued monthly during Reynolds' first two years as National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature. During his third year, which began on January 1, 2022, the newsletter will be issued quarterly. All installments of the newsletter are available below, and new installments will be posted quarterly throughout the year. You can also subscribe to the Library of Congress’s main blog to receive future installments via email or RSS.


Newsletter Installments