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Kendrick Lamar: A Resource Guide

Kendrick Lamar is a prominent African American musician and activist who was awarded the 2018 Pulitzer Prize in Music. This guide provides access to interdisciplinary Library of Congress and external resources related to Lamar.


Merlijn Hoek, photographer. Kendrick Lamar - Melkweg Amsterdam. External February 7, 2013. Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 International. CC BY-NC 2.0. External.

Kendrick Lamar is a prominent African American musician and activist. He has a Pulitzer Prize in songwriting and his innovative, socially conscious music has reinforced the already widespread cultural influence of hip-hop on American culture. Lamar has also been recognized for his work in support of mentorship programs for local school districts and underserved communities; the California Senate named him it’s “35th Senate District’s Generational Icon” and the Obama administration invited him to the White House to help promote the My Brother’s Keeper initiative. This guide provides access to an interdisciplinary selection of materials at the Library of Congress and links to external resources documenting the work, life, and influence of Kendrick Lamar in the areas of American popular culture, African American history and culture, music, literature, and social change. Resource coverage includes personal and professional biographical information, discographies, lyrics, entries from open access research guides, newspaper and magazine articles, interviews, blog posts, and primary sources representing Kendrick Lamar's official web presence. This guide also provides search strategies for conducting independent research on Kendrick Lamar at the Library of Congress as well as related resources on American popular culture and hip-hop that cover multiple disciplines.