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Kosovo Newspapers at the Library of Congress

Newspapers Published in Priština

Select the title of any newspaper listed below to view full bibliographic information for that item in the Library of Congress Online Catalog. Links to  electronic versions are provided when available. "Bibliographic source" refers to a printed bibliography or online catalog used to verify publication dates or other data about the newspapers.

The titles in the holdings list below are arranged by language of publication and then alphabetically by title. The microfilm holdings are available for interlibrary loan, but the loose paper issues and bound volumes are not. This bibliography does not include Library of Congress holdings of official legal gazettes or other titles held in the Law Library of Congress.

Newspapers in this guide are held in various divisions of the Library of Congress. Those locations are indicated using the following abbreviations:

  • Eur - European Reading Room (LJ-249)
  • N&CPR - Newspaper and Current Periodical Reading Room (LM-133)
  • MERC - Microform and Electronic Resources Center (LJ-139)
  • GenColl - General Collections
  • Stacks - Library of Congress database of digital content (available onsite only)