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Late Antiquity: A Resource Guide

Latin Texts

This page of the guide lists many contemporary late antique texts from a wide range of authors - some well known and some obscure. The texts included here are modern editions of authors from the fourth, fifth, and sixth centuries. These editions contain translations in many languages such as English, French, Italian, and German. However, when compiling this portion of the guide, the language into which a particular Latin text was translated was not an issue of concern. There are many texts whose sole modern editions are accompanied by a non-English translation.

The more famous authors (Latin Church Fathers for example) whose works have been edited multiple times have have been published frequently are not included in this page. For such texts, consult the Loeb Classical Library whose volumes are available in print in the Library's general collections. Access to these books are also available via the digital Loeb Classical Library database whose link is in the electronic resources page.