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Latin America and the Caribbean in Photographs at the Library of Congress

Selected Collections

The Selected Collections section of this guide describes the wide array of pictures of Latin America and the Caribbean in the collections, and you can explore broad categories introduced on this page by viewing the subpages. The “Photo Archives” were created by individuals, organizations, and cultural institutions and include the Archive of Hispanic Culture assembled by the Library of Congress in the 1940s. Located in the Prints & Photographs Reading Room, the “Photography Browsing Files” contain stereographs and larger prints on card mounts. The “Photographic Surveys” depict the US-Mexico border and expeditions to the Isthmus of Darién and the Rio da Dúvida. Also highlighted among the selected collections are “Photo Albums” going back to the nineteenth century, “Photographically Illustrated Books” with prints tipped into the pages, and examples of “Photojournalism” by leading photographers. “Digital Photography Collections,” “Photography Portfolios” and “Other Print Collections,” many by prominent Latin American and Caribbean photographers, are also featured.