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Primary Sources for Latin American Composers at the Library of Congress

Nationality Unknown

Composers listed under "Nationality Unknown" have names that are either Spanish or Portuguese, but no information could be found in reference sources about the composers. Their names are included here so that future researchers may provide information or take on the goal to research those composers.

If you have solved any of these mysteries in your own research, contact us through Ask a Librarian.

The links in the Location/Call Number column link to fuller bibliographic information in the Library of Congress Online Catalog or Music Division finding aids for special collections.

Composer Primary Source Dates Location/Call Number
Llonel, Pedro Juan
(dates unknown)
Holograph Score/Sketch or Copyist Manuscript
Work title: Missa à 4tno. y 8o. con viola etc. de Rdo Mo Pedro Juan Llonell ano 1788 - De difuntos
probably 1788 ML96.L585 (Case)
Vélez, Angela
(dates unknown)
Holograph Score/Sketch
Work title:Al animo
circa 1958 ML96.V355 A53 1958 (Case)
Holograph Score/Sketch
Work title: Duérmete mi niño
circa 1958 ML96.V355 D84 1958 (Case)
Vélez, Jose
(dates unknown)
Correspondence 1946-1949 Arnold Schoenberg correspondence and other papers, Box 27
Note: Numerous composers throughout the finding aid for the Lauro Ayestarán Collection have unknown biographical information. Because of the amount of "Other Manuscripts" in the collection (mostly signed printed scores) by composers whose identities cannot be verified in reference resources, their names are not included in this inventory. Researchers are encouraged to read the finding aid.