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Latinx Representation in Film

Alejandra Vasquez

In this interview, Alejandra Vasquez discusses important personal and professional influences on her work, the significance of documentaries as a storytelling practice, and representation in her newest film and the film industry at large.

About Alejandra Vasquez

Alejandra is a Mexican American film director and producer from west Texas whose most recent film and feature-length directorial debut is "Going Varsity in Mariachi" (2023). She has worked on many documentary film and series projects predominantly on topics of immigration and activism. She was producer of the Sundance Special Jury Award winner series "Mantangi/Maya/M.I.A." (2018) and Kathleen Bryan Edwards Human Rights Award winner "US Kids" (2020). She directed “When It's Good, It's Good" (2021), and "Folk Frontera" (2022) with Sam Osborn, a film that won the SXSW 2022 Jury Award for Texas Short and the San Diego International Shorts Fest Best Social Impact Award.