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Latinx Representation in Film

Alexis C. Garcia

In this interview, Afro-Puerto Rican Alexis Garcia shares her evolution as a creator as she discusses the healing intent she brings to audiences with her storytelling in “Daughter of the Sea.”

About Alexis C. Garcia

Portrait of Alexis C. Garcia

Alexis C. Garcia (she/her) is a creator, writer, storyteller, and director of the 2022 short film, “Daughter of the Sea”. Alexis is a co-founder of Botánica Pictures, and has worked as a contest strategist, creator, and producer at Buzzfeed (2017-2022), as a staff writer for Disney Television Animation (2022-2023), and as a producer and writer for a multitude of other projects. Her credits include the Webby Award winning series, “Mi Quinceañera Come True” (2019) and her first short-film entitled “Sam” (2014). Her newest work "Daughter of the Sea” (2022) is the result of her 2022 LALIFF Inclusion Fellowship. To date, “Daughter of the Sea” has received 19 awards, and is still showing in film festivals world-wide. Integral to the artistry of Alexis’s work is also the drive to create space for critical conversations that inform and uplift the Latine community across TV and digital mediums.