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Latinx Representation in Film

Filmmaker Interviews

The Cine Latine Interview Series is part of the 2023 Library of Congress Junior Fellows project Cine Latine: Shaping Latino Representation at the Movies.

The Cine Latine team conducted interviews with contemporary emerging and established Latina/o/x filmmakers. During these interviews, filmmakers shared the origins of and inspirations behind their careers and inspirations, their filmmaking process, the key themes they like to explore in their work, and the significance of representation in the industry. The intention is for these interviews to document the stories of current filmmakers, and to learn about the filmmaking process and important issues in the industry directly from the voices of Latina/o/x filmmakers themselves. The series includes six interviews completed during the summer of 2023. The Cine Latine team would like to thank everyone involved throughout the interview coordination process, ranging from filmmakers themselves to their public relations teams and agents.

Visit each filmmaker's page to learn about them, their work, and to watch the full interview: