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LGBTQ+ Resources in Business and the Workplace

A guide to sources of information for those researching the issues that affect the economic circumstances of the LGBTQ+ community.


Visual design for the “Pride in the Library” pop-up display. 2017. Library of Congress.

This guide provides selected research materials on the issues that affect the economic circumstances of the LGBTQ+ community. The resources cover the aspects of the LGBTQ+ lives as employees, consumers, entrepreneurs and business leaders. Human resources issues such as employment and workplace discrimination, as well as organizational issues for creating an inclusive and equitable environment for people with diverse backgrounds and identities, are considered. There are also resources for marketers to help them understand the LGBTQ+ consumers better.

In this guide we use the term LGBTQ+ for persons who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer. You may encounter other terms in the included materials such as LGBT, LGBTQI or LGBT+. Some of the issues inevitably cross into the legal area. If you need more assistance on the legal side of things please Ask a Law Librarian.

The guide includes print and internet resources as well as databases and statistical resources. Some of the databases are subscription based and available at subscribing institutions including the Library of Congress. LC Catalog Searches provides subject headings that will help expand your research in the Library's collections.

About the Business Section

Part of the Science & Business Reading Room at the Library of Congress, the Business Section is the starting point for conducting research at the Library of Congress in the subject areas of business and economics. Here, reference specialists in specific subject areas of business assist patrons in formulating search strategies and gaining access to the information and materials contained in the Library's rich collections of business and economics materials.