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LGBTQIA+ Studies: A Resource Guide

One, Inc.

ONE Magazine was published from 1953 through 1967. Initially, the magazine was published by members of the Mattachine Society, but the success of the magazine led to the foundation of One, Inc., "...the first national (United States), legally sanctioned organization dedicated to the promulgation of information on homosexuality and the furtherance of homosexual rights" (White, P.142).

ONE Magazine was never formally associated with the Mattachine Society, even though the idea for the magazine is said to have originated at a Mattachine Discussion Group in October 1952.

"That night about seventy persons listened attentively as a former vice officer described the squad’s nefarious entrapment tactics...Dorr Legg, remembers: “We were just in a fury and everyone began sputtering: ‘People don’t know these things. We’ve got to tell them!’ Up speaks this little pipsqueak: ‘Well you need a magazine.’ It was just like a match to gasoline."

Sources: White, C. Todd. “Drama, Power and Politics: ONE Magazine, Mattachine Review; The Ladder in the Era of Homophile Activism.”; Gay Press, Gay Power : the Growth of LGBT Community Newspapers in America. First edition., Prairie Avenue Productions and Windy City Media Group, 2012. Library of Congress General Collections

Legal Battles

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