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LGBTQIA+ Studies: A Resource Guide


Because LGBTQ+ materials have been widely censored, many earlier publications were self-published or the product of a small and niche publishing house. There are a number of books and resources which can help you find your way around LGBTQ+ specific publishers and publications.

Notably, LGBTQ+ bookstores and publishers have also been subject to police raids and censorship attempts. For example, in December of 1969, just a few months after Stonewall, The Studio Bookshop (500 Hudson St, New York City) was raided by plainclothes police. Over 15,000 items were seized, and the owners and employees faced legal charges. 

The following titles link to fuller bibliographic information in the Library of Congress Online Catalog. Links to additional online content are included when available.

List of LGBTQ+ Publishers

Early LGBTQ+ publishers and organizers worked creatively to get relevant books into the hands of anyone who wanted one. This included owning their own presses and putting out a number of unique publications dedicated to connecting readers to books.

Some examples include:

  • Vice Versa-a zine for "gay gals," produced by Lisa Ben in Los Angeles, first issue June 1947
  • Cory Book Service (1951-1956)
  • Dorian Book Service (Published the Dorian Book Quarterly-excellent coverage of censorship & obscenity charge attempts)
  • Pan-Graphic Press (Private, owned by Mattachine members Call and Lucas. Pan-Graphic Press printed the Mattachine Review). Widely considered to be one of the first gay-owned small presses in the United States.
  • Naiad Press. Lesbian publisher, founded by Barbara Grier.

The following title links to fuller bibliographic information in the Library of Congress Online Catalog. Links to additional online content are included when available.

This list is not comprehensive. It can be helpful to search by publisher, especially if you are searching broadly. To find additional titles, search the Library of Congress Online Catalog

The Office of the Gender and Women’s Studies Librarian at the University of Wisconsin-Madison maintains a current list of LGBTQIA+ publishers on their website External. Likewise, Lambda Literary External is a helpful resource for learning about both established and emerging LGBTQIA+ publishers.

  • Affinity Rainbow
  • Arktoi Books
  • Arno Press
  • Arsenal Pulp Press
  • Bella Books
  • Blind Eye Books
  • Bold Strokes Books
  • Bywater Books
  • Carnation Books
  • Chelsea Station Editions
  • Circlet Press
  • Cleis Press
  • Dagger Editions
  • Decadent Publishing
  • Desert Palm Press
  • Dreamspinner Press
  • Elysium Press
  • Gertrude Press
  • Go Deeper Press
  • Harmony Ink Press
  • Harrington Park Press
  • Headmistress Press
  • Homofactus
  • Indolent
  • Insomniac Press
  • Interlude Press
  • JMS Books
  • Ladylit Publishing
  • Launch Point Press
  • Lethe Press
  • Manic D Press
  • Pride Publishing (Totally Entwined Group)
  • Queerteen Press
  • RedBone
  • Ride the Rainbow Books
  • Riptide Publishing
  • Transgress Press
  • Triplicity Publishing
  • Wicked Publishing
  • Wilkinson House
  • Ylva Publishing.

Many of these publishers are no longer publishing. However, it can be helpful to have a list of publishers past and present for the purposes of research. Lesbian publishers with holdings in the Library of Congress include:

  • Acacia Books (Berkely, CA)
  • Affinity Rainbow
  • Alyson Publications. Boston, MA.
  • Bella Books
  • Big Apple Dyke News (B.A.D. News). New York.
  • LadyLit Publishing

This list is not comprehensive. To find additional titles search the Library of Congress Online Catalog:

  • Chevalier Publications
  • Tri-Ess
  • Trans-Genre Press
  • Topside Press
  • Transgress Press