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Lithuania: Address and Telephone Directories

Telephone and address directories are used by genealogists and historians to identify people and businesses from a particular place and era. This guide lists uncataloged directories from Lithuania in the Library of Congress collection.


Image of Lithuanian telephone books on shelf
Lithuanian telephone books. Library of Congress General Collections.

Most residential and general organizational telephone directories are not cataloged by the Library of Congress, even though the Library maintains a large collection of foreign and domestic directories. We have therefore compiled this list of directories from Lithuania as a finding aid for our staff and researchers. More specialized directories for commerce, industry and specific professions are indeed cataloged and may be identified in the Library's online catalog. We included several of them here so that they may be easier to find, and to give our researchers an idea of what is available..

Language and alphabets differ. Some of the directories are in Russian or print Lithuanian in the transliterated Cyrillic letters mandatory for many publications during Soviet rule, and those cases are noted within the entry. Otherwise, the directories are in standard Lithuanian employing roman letters. The arrangement is chronological, from oldest to most recent.

The earliest directories tend to be for all of Lithuania, or for Vilnius. Later directories are for raions, or counties, or cities, so arranging them in chronological order and then by the area they refer to makes more sense than trying to arrange them by region or city.

The uncataloged directories listed in this guide are from 1923 to 2005.

The type of directory is indicated by the words "residential," "organizational" (listing businesses, institutions, and government offices), or "both." More recent directories have section of white pages (residential listings), yellow pages (lists of companies and services), and pink pages (lists of organizations). Most directories also have advertisements.

The "Notes" field is used to provide additional information about the directory.

In addition to the uncataloged directories listed in this guide, the Library also holds some that are cataloged and may be requested using the online catalog. To locate these directories, search the Library of Congress Online Catalog using subject keywords such as "Lithuania" or the name of a city and "directories." In addition to telephone directories, there are also business/address directories from Lithuania, most of which we listed in this guide.

Here are some examples of materials that can be of interest to those who are looking for genealogical information from Lithuania. More books are available in the collections of the Library of Congress Library of Congress Online Catalog.