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LibGuides Manual

A guide for creating research guides at the Library of Congress.


Image of the Migrant Mother LibGuide

LibGuides is an easy-to-use content management system deployed at thousands of libraries worldwide and is part of the LibApps suite of applications. The Library of Congress implemented LibGuides in 2018 and publicly launched the Research Guides site at in May of 2019. Staff at the Library can use LibGuides to curate knowledge, share information, and organize subject-specific resources. Both public and internal guides can be created. 


LibApps is now under Single Sign-On (SSO) / Multifactor Authentication (MFA) at the Library of Congress. To request an account for LibGuides or any other application in the LibApps suite, please use the form available on the Accounts page of this guide.


Training in the use of LibGuides at the Library is available from Library Services Training -- view upcoming training at and register for training using the Online Learning Center (OLC).

SpringShare Help and Documentation

While this guide provides basic and specific information for creating LibGuides at the Library of Congress, SpringShare also provides help pages, video tutorials, and other helpful information as shown below:

Best Practices and Styling

The Library of Congress has provided styling and customization that are built into the template for LibGuides creation. This styling has been provided so that all guides at the Library will harmonize with the Project One (P1) user-centered design and is responsive for mobile devices. In addition to the Library's special styling, there are also some requirements for using images, marking external links, and processes for review prior to the publishing of a Research Guide that are documented in this manual and are reinforced in the training classes.

Collaboration is Encouraged

While each guide will have a primary "owner", many topic areas provide opportunities for collaboration between divisions. When creating a guide, consider contacting other relevant divisions that can provide relevant content. To collaborate on a guide, you can add additional editors to the guide: External

Avoid Duplication

Before creating a guide, check the list of all guides to verify that another guide has not been created on your topic. When reusing content from another guide, give credit to the content's author. Cite the following: the author's name, title, and division.