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LibGuides Manual


The accessibility field encompasses many types of technology, standards and guidelines. As a department of the federal government, we are required to abide by the Section 508 legislation. Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, codified at section 29 USC 794d, as amended, ensures those with disabilities have equal access to government information as contained on information and communications technology (ICT), and thereby to the government employment, programs and services to which all citizens are entitled. Section 508 is only one segment of the accessibility field. As use of information technology has greatly increased within the workplace, and out, in recent years, and additional legislation has required ever-more access to government information, there is a great need for strong, effective action to ensure compliance across the department.

Item Descriptions

When adding descriptions for links, books, and other items, please follow these policies to assure that Library of Congress LibGuides are fully accessible:

  • Do not use the "hover over item title" or the hover over info "i" icon for item descriptions.  Many screen readers cannot recognize the hover over description.  
  • From the "Description Display" options, select "display beneath item title" so that your description can be read by screen reading software.
  • include text alternatives (alt text) for images
  • Use image captions with appropriate coding, or include "alt" text for images without captions.  Full information about image formatting and coding is found in this section of the LibGuides manual.

Web Accessibility Guidelines for U.S. Government websites

Adhere to the criteria in the Section 508 checklist to ensure accessibility.