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LibGuides Manual

LibGuides Accounts & Login

All LibApps, including LibGuides, are controlled by Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

Request access to LibGuides or any other LibApps modules (LibAnswers, LibCal, LibInsight, LibStaffer, and LibWizard) by submitting a request in ServiceNow External. Find the request form by searching “LibApps” in the Service Catalog External or at this direct link External .

Note: if you already have access to some LibApps modules, you still need to submit the request form to gain access to LibGuides.

Access to LibGuides

There are two ways to login to LibGuides:

GO TO - enter this URL to access the LibApps login page for the Library of Congress
If you access this URL from the Library of Congress computer, or a Library of Congress device on VPN or Citrix, you will be authenticated through SSO and will be directed to the LibApps landing page:

LibApps Landing Page

From the LibApps homepage, select Research Guides (in the "Admin Interface" column) from the “My LibApps” box. This will take you to the LibGuides Homepage.

LibApps Home

From the Research Guides home page, or while viewing any LibGuide, scroll to the bottom of the page and select Login to LibApps

Using this method, you will be directed to the LibGuides Landing Page.

Menu Bar

This menu indicates that you are in the LibGuides app. Use the blue drop-down menu to switch to other LibApps. Use the Content drop-down to view guides. In the far right, you have the option to Logout

LibGuides menu

User Roles and Responsibilities

There are several “types” of user roles in LibApps – the Springshare Help site provides a detailed  explanation of the various roles and access levels:

Please note: we are not using the “Contributor” and “Patron” user roles.


An overview of the user roles at the Library is provided below:

Admin Users

This user role can create content, edit all content in the system, and manage system settings & customizations. There are only a handful of Library of Congress staff who have “Admin” status.

Regular Users

This is the standard user role in LibGuides. “Regular Users” can create new guides and can edit content that they have created.

Editor Users

An “Editor User” can only edit guides they have been assigned to as editors. This user type is Ideal for collaborators, such as colleagues within the division or other divisions, or volunteers/interns.  Editors are  added to a guide only by the creator/owner of the guide or by an Admin User.

How to add an Editor to a guide:

From the menu for an individual LibGuide, select “Guide Editors” (located on the drop-down menu with the “gear” icon). You may add one or more editors to an individual guide.

We are also using the “Editor User” role for content review. Reviewers who will only be providing content review will be set up this way, allowing them to make edits to a guide (grammar, spelling, etc.) without having to go back and forth with the creator.

Assign an Editor











Only “Admin Users” can assign/unassign authorized reviewers.  This assignment is part of the Publishing Workflow within LibGuides (see