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LibGuides Manual

Working With Boxes

In order to add any content to a LibGuide page, you will need to add at least one box to that page.

Video Tutorial - Adding Boxes

Begin by watching a short video tutorial that includes instructions for adding boxes to LibGuide pages. This video is 08:01 in length.

View all LibGuides Tutorials on the LS Training website.

How to Add & Reuse Boxes

  • Click on Add Box > Create New Box >  Give your box a name > Select the appropriate box type (see below) >select the position of the box 
  • Box Types:
    • Select "Standard" if you want a box that displays content in a variety of formats
    • select "Gallery" if you want to display images
    • select "Profile" if you want to add your profile box
    • select "Tabbed" if you want multiple tabs of content in a single box
  • To reuse a box, click Add Box > Reuse Existing Box.  Select the guide that contains the box you wish to reuse, and then select the box from the new menu that is displayed. Once a box has been selected you can choose between creating a 'linked' version of the box or a stand-alone copy. 
  • To Reorder or Move a box, click on "PAGE" and select Boxes under REORDER / MOVE

How to Add a Tabbed Box

How to Add Tabbed Boxes

  • Click on "Add Box"
  • Give your box a name
  • Next to "Type," select "Tabbed" from the drop-down menu
  • On the Add/Edit Tabs pane, give your tab a name and click Create New Tab.
  • Do not add more than one row of tabs
  • You can reorder your tabs by clicking and dragging them to a new position. Be sure to click Save Positions.

Edit Box Name

Click on the pencil icon  in the upper right corner of the box to edit the box name.  

Hiding the Box Title

Hide a box title if it is the same as the page name.  This will eliminate redundancy.

  • Click on the rectangular edit box icon in the upper right corner of the box.
  • Select "Floating Box" to display the box without a title. 

Floating Box

Edit Box Content

Click on the pencil and paper icon  to edit in the Rick Text/HTML Editor.  

How to edit rich text