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LibGuides Manual

Ask a Librarian Box

The appropriate "Ask a Librarian" box is required on the home page for the each guide.  Reusable boxes are available for each Ask a Librarian form available at the Library of Congress. There is a general Ask a Librarian box for use in any guide, if a more specific one is not appropriate.

Video Tutorial - Ask a Librarian and Authorship Boxes

Watch this short video for instructions to add the required Ask a Librarian and Authorship boxes to a guide. This video is 04:34 in length.

How to Reuse the Ask a Librarian Boxes

Display your reading room/division's relevant "Ask a Librarian" on each research guide home page.  Reuse "Ask a Librarian" boxes from:

  • To reuse a box, click Add Box > Reuse Existing Box
  • From the Guide drop-down menu, select the Ask a Librarian Boxes and Generic Authorship Box guide
  • from the Box drop-down menu, select the relevant "Ask a Librarian" box. 
  • Do NOT make a copy.
  • Once the appropriate "Ask a Librarian" box has been added, click on the "edit box" icon and select "Floating Box"