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LibGuides Manual

Authorship Box

All guides must include an authorship box directly below the required Ask a Librarian box on the bottom left side of the guide's home page.  Reuse and make a copy of authorship boxes from:

Video Tutorial - Ask a Librarian and Authorship Boxes

Watch this short video for instructions to add the required Ask a Librarian and Authorship boxes to a guide. This video is 04:34 in length.

New Guide Owners

When staff leave the employ of the Library of Congress, an administrator will reassign the former staff member's guide(s) to new owners. Regular users may contact their admin to change ownership of a guide.  

To do this:

  1. Click on "Content" from the orange menu bar
  2. Select Guides from the drop-down menu
  3. Select the appropriate Group
  4. Click on the "Change Guide Owner" icon  . under the "Actions" column

For your reference, see the screenshot below: