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LibGuides Manual

Creating Content

create guide

From the LibGuides homepage, use the + Create Guide button to create a new guide.

The "Create New Guide" window will display.

For the "Choose Layout of Reuse" option, most guide creators will select the option to Start fresh (it is also possible to "Copy content/layout from an existing guide").  Please note: you will not be able to change the system default template --> Library of Congress Standard Research Guide.

Create new guide

Components of a LibGuide

  1. Guide - the “guide” is the large container for your project.
  2. Title and Description - Each guide should have a unique title description; these are extremely important components of “search engine optimization” (SEO). Take care to create something that is easy to differentiate in search results.
  3. Pages - Each guide consists of one or more pages, depending on the amount of content you wish to include “Introduction” is the default home page for your guide (you cannot change this, but you can suppress the “page title” on the home page for your guide). You can add additional pages to your guide as needed.
  4. Boxes - In order to add content of any kind to your guide, you must first add a box. There are two areas of a page where you can add boxes:
    • Left column (navigation menu) includes two standard boxes: 1) the “Ask a Librarian” box appropriate for your guide; and, 2) the “Authorship” box, which is normally only used on the first page of any guide (for an exception to this policy, see the American Women: Topical Essays guide).
    • Right column (large content area) includes the bulk of your guide content. In this area, you can add “standard”, “tabbed” or “gallery” boxes.
  5. Box Content - In order to add content to your guide, you will need to use the Add /Reorder button to any box. A combination of these can be included in a single box. Use boxes to ‘chunk’ your content into logical sections.
    • Rich Text/HTML
    • Link
    • Media / Widget
    • Database
    • Book from the Catalog

How to Add Images

From LC's Digital Collections "About this Item" Page:

  • go to the drop-down download menu underneath the image>select the size option in the middle of the list>copy the image URL
  • From your guide: Select Add/ Reorder> Select Rich Text/HTML
  • Select the image icon from the menu > Under the "Image Info" tab, paste the image address into the URL field
  • Enter Alt Text for the image (a brief description of the image)
  • From the Digital Collections "About this Item" page>Click on "cite this item"> copy the item URL in the citation
  • From the "Image" option in the Rich Text/HTML box, click on Link>paste the image's item URL


  • Do NOT upload image files to LibGuides.  Always use the image's link.
  • only add images of collection items that have already been digitized by the Library
  • It is the guide creator's responsibility to determine the copyright status of an image.  


Image citation format for images from Library of Congress collections*:

Creator. Title. Date. Collection Name. Division Name.

Image caption format for images from external organizations*:

  • Creator. Title. Date. Name of organization. 

*it is the responsibility of the guide owner to determine the copyright or other use restrictions of an item

How to Embed Multimedia Content & Widgets

Only add videos from the LC Webcasts page

To add new media/widgets:

  • Click on Add / Reorder> Select Media / Widget > Click on Create New Widget > Give the media/widget a name> Enter the media/widget embed code

To reuse media/widgets:

  •  Click on Add / Reorder> Click on "Reuse Existing Widget">Start typing the title of the item you would like to reuse, and matching results will appear below.

Assigning Subjects & Tags

Each Library of Congress LibGuide must have at least one subject heading included.  The subject list in our instance of LibGuides is a controlled list based on the buckets created in the E-Resources Online Catalog.  Subjects are also turned into metadata that will be used for discovery by all search engines (both Library of Congress P1 and Google, etc.) However, if you need a new subject heading added, please contact Donna Brearcliffe ([email protected]):

To assign subjects:

  • Click on the pencil icon next to "Subjects" at the top left of the page
  • select a subject from the drop-down menu

Tags are free-text keywords that each Research Guide creator can create. They are only used for discovery within LibGuides (not with other search engines). 

To add tags:

  • Click on the pencil icon next to "Tags" at the top left of the page
  • Type your tags, separating each with a comma or space, or click any existing tag to assign it to this guide.

Add an Introductory Paragraph

  • Change the "Home" page name to "Introduction".
  • To change the page name, click on "PAGE">select "Page Properties" and type "Introduction" in the Page Name field
  • Click on "Add Box- Column 1"
  • Click on Add/reorder, select "Rich Text/HTML" and compose a brief introductory paragraph that summarizes the purpose of your research guide.