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LibGuides Manual

Deep Linking to Tabs

Special coding has been added to the Library of Congress customization of LibGuides which enables “deep linking” for individual tabs on a page. 

Each tab within in a tabbed box is marked with a special “anchor” which is appended to the URL for that page. To see the URL for a specific tab, right-click on a specific tab and open it in a new window. The examples below are examples of working "deep links" (note the special anchor code that has been added to the URL):

To get these URLs, with added anchors, grab the URL from the URL box in the new browser window.  

deep linking to tabs screenshot with highlights and additional instructions to note the URL


An added benefit to deep linking is that when a user navigates to a tab on one and then links to another page in your guide, if the user then selects the “Back” button in the browser, they will not only move back to the previous page, but will also return to that page with that tab activated.