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Including links in your LibGuide allows you to easily direct researchers to additional resources on the Library's website and on the web. All you need to create a link is the URL for the link, the name of the resource, and a description (this is optional).

Video Tutorial - Adding Links

Begin by watching a short video that includes instructions and best practices for adding links to your guide. This video tutorial is 02:14 in length.

View all LibGuides Tutorials on the LS Training website.

How to Add Links

Adding a Link Using the Link Tool

To add a new link:

  • Click on "Add / Reorder" > click on "Link" > click on "Create New Link" to add a new link
  • add the LCCN permalink to the Link URL field, when possible

To reuse a link:

  • click on "Add / Reorder" > "Reuse Existing Link" > Start typing the title of the item you would like to reuse, and matching results will show up

Always use the "Add link" feature. Links must be added using the LibGuides "Add" link feature in order to be included in the LibGuides Assets list.  Only links in the Assets list will be checked by the LibGuides link checker tool and LibGuides Statistics

Accessible Link Text

Write accessible link text. While sighted users can easily view and digest a fuller view of your guide pages, screen reader users often prefer to “listen” to the list of links (versus listening to the full text of your pages). Using this common practice, the screen reader will simply read the text of the link, and none of the surrounding text. It is most important for your link text to make sense without the surrounding sentences or content. The link text along should convey the function and purpose of the link. Please consider these guidelines when deciding what text to include within the link:

  • Avoid using text like “click here,” “more,” and “view catalog record” on their own.  These links can be confusing when a screen reader reads them out of context.
  • Use unique link text when possible.
  • It is OK to link a complete sentence (or title) but avoid anything longer.
  • Use judgement when linking on full URLs (imagine someone having to listen to these, one after another).

Adding a Link in the Rich Text box

There may be times that you need to create a link within text in a Rich Text box.  This can be done using the Link Icon in the tool bar.  Please note: If you add a link this way, it will not be validated by the LibGuides Link Checking feature.


How to Add a Canned Search Link

Click on Add/Reorder>Link

Follow the steps in the "Constructing Canned Search Links" page: